Friday, August 6, 2010

Journey kit..a day late or 2 or 3!

Hello ladies, I know I am a few days late on posting the layouts I did with my AUGUST JOURNEY KIT from The Paper Niche but life happened and this past week my dear brother in law lost his father to cancer and that has opened up that little box of sadness in my heart. I lost my dad 3 years ago and though I can say the pain gets better with time...there are days such as this week that are extremely painful!!! Anyhoot...let me not bring you down with my sadness : )
Here are the layouts I did.

BTW, these layouts were all inspired by THIS ONE LAYOUT.

Well ladies, this is were I say ADIOS!!! Sorry for the short, blah, down, crappy post : (
Wishing you all a wonderful week : ) And as always, THANK you for your sweet comments!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A punch challenge?

Happy Monday ladies!!!! How was your weekend?
Our weekend was the BEST one evah!!!!!!
On Friday I scrapped at The Niche with my Ride or Die girl and we closed the place down... yep! We left at 3:00 am.............. wha wha whaaaaaaat??? That's how we do it in SoFlo ; )
Then on Saturday we got our new furniture delivered and I hung out with an old friend and our kids and then on Sunday we took the kids bowling with family and friends and came back to our house and let the kids go wild in the pool. Life does NOT get any better than this!!!

The other day I was reading THIS DIVA'S blog and she talked about taking her monthly picture with her children and I decided that starting this month we were going to do the same thing and I am going to scrap that picture every month.
Oh my!!!!! I am quite the chatter box today :) :) :) Now on to scrappy stuff.
Today's challenge at THE PAPER NICHE is about using punches and here is what I did.

I know you all have some punches and IF you are anything like me..... you have 1 too many punches ; ) so stop by our BLOG and show us whatcha got!

Well ladies, this is where I say adios and as always...THANK you for your sweet comments! I now leave you with some pictures of my weekend.....

TamTam and I felt we earned the right to lay on a crop table for our picture since it was 3:00 am and we were the only 2 left : )

Our first family monthly picture, I look a hot mess but it's cool!!! I can't wait to scrap this picture : )

The kids gaving a blast in the pool.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A page and a sneak

Hello sweet bloggers!!! How is the summer treating you so far?
Mother nature has been kind to us in SoFlo, beautiful sunny days with the occasional shower and only 1 Tropical storm so far.

Because of the move it is still hard for me to scrap as much as I used to because there is so much to do around here but I am glad to say that our furniture gets delivered on Saturday and we only have the living room and family room to paint and this house is ready for a PaaaaaaaaaRtay!!!!!!

I did manage to do a layout the other day with my favorite papers by AMERICAN CRAFTS

This is a picture I snapped of our girls enjoying the beautiful weather with their favorite guy... Daddy : )

This layout was inspired by a sketch LEAH did for The Paper Niche, my intentions were to do something totally different but when I went in my scrapbook room I found the cloud page had been doodled all over in the bottom portion by a certain little 3 year old and some papers had been cut. BUT I have to say that I loved the end result.

And here is a sneak peek of what I am doing with this month's kit from THE PAPER NICHE

I am really enjoying playing with my inks and mists : )

As always ladies, THANK you for your sweet comments, you ladies ROCK!!!!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful week : )

Monday, July 19, 2010

Well hello July!!!

I can not believe that the last time I posted anything was last month : O
Where has the time gone I ask!!! I am kinda hoping that next month things slow down a bit so that I can spend more time in my scrapbook room at night and check out all the blogs that I OH SO love to check out!

This week we have a new challenge at THE PAPER NICHE, you have to use buttons, instead of making a layout I decided to make a headband with buttons I got from the super duper fantabulosa BETH PERRY and some left over T!M Holtz button from our JUNE KIT

Button challenge
BTW, how precious is my Princess, I can NOT believe how fast she is growing!

Button challenge

So if you have buttons stop by our BLOG and join us, there is a neat prize up for grabs : )

Let me leave you with some pictures of what I have been up to....

Watching these 2 beautiful girls enjoy their new pool. Sorry for the bad picture but I used my phone .

Playing in the pool at night with my favorite ladies :) Acting like children once in a while is good for the soul... again sorry for the bad picture but once again it was taken with my phone.

Hanging out with the love of my life and favorite neighbors AKA my in laws.
And yet another bad phone picture, I am starting to get the feeling that I need a new phone ; )

And doing a lot o lot of this!!!

As always, THANK you for your sweet comments, they always put a smile on my face, I am wishing you all a wonferul week!!! (((((BIG hugs)))))

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Being challenged!!!

Hope y'all are doing great because I am beat like a you know what!
I know I am still being a bad bad blogger but this is why.....

I have been packing, trying to clean this so that we can turn our new house into our new home and let me tell you that it has NOT been easy but it will get done in time. The girls are super excited to finally have a house with a pool especially since it is hot as all hell here : )

So on Monday it was my turn to do a layout for our CHALLENGE AT THE PAPER NICHE and it was about glimmermisting.

This is what I was able to pull off in 1 day between all that packing :D :D :D I found some AC left over scraps and I used my T!M Holtz masks, so if you up for a challenge and want a neat prize please do join us : )

I also managed to do a layout which has taken me one whole week because I would touch it for 5 minutes and have to walk away to do something, touch it for 7 minutes and once again have to walk away because THIS GIRL challenged me to do a boy layout. Can we say challenge of the year???????? But I gave it my all and this is what I got.

Photobucket This is a page of our daughter and her partner in crime (her cousin) they are 4 months apart and boy oh boy are they a hand full. the journaling will be on the blue tag under their picture.

Photobucket The flowers and button are left overs from my JUNE KIT

Photobucket I had to paint and ink my ribbons. I also traced this little boy and little girls from an old OA die cut and then embossed them. BTW this page is as busy as these two are ; )

Well...this is where I say ADIOS ladies and I am so sorry I have not been by your blogs to show you some love but I swear that as soon as this place is 1/2 way decent I will be loving on your stuff like it's no body's business!!!! As always THANK you for your sweet comments, you all know how much I love them and how much they make my day : ) and I apologize for the crazy looking post.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is it June already???????

Well hellllllo ladies!
I know I have been a bad blogger as much as I have been bad at blog hopping but this has been a couple of busy/crazy weeks. Hopefully we will be settled in soon so that I can get back to playing with papers and stalking your blogs : )

This month's kit at THE PAPER NICHE was fun to work with but a little challenging because I am all about the colorful, busy papers : ) but a challenge is always good right???!!!! And I was able to do layouts that I would not normally do : )

June PN Kit
Here we are celebrating my SIL's birthday and her new home....these 2 bring out the goofy in me no matter what kind of mood I'm in, you know that saying "we don't stop playing because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing" well in our case we will never grow old!

June PN Kit
We can look normal when need be : )

June PN Kit
Since I started packing I have come across old pictures and love notes and I found this Polaroid picture of 1998, just 8 moths after we got married. Ahhhhhhh! to be young with no worries, those were the days I had time to get my hair, pedi and mani done every Friday! I traded those days for motherhood and I have no regrets......well 1 regret, I regret the fact the I have crazy looking hair these days but that's what hats are for : )

June PN Kit
This is my favorite page, we took my mom to go see the planes land and take off, that is one thing the girls love doing with Daddy!

As you can see there is no journalling on my pages, I need to learn to journal on my layouts, most of it is done on the back of the papers, so if anyone has any good tips please share them with me.
As always ladies, THANK you for your sweet comments because they always make my day!
As soon as we are done living in boxes I will be a better blogger and I will be showing my love for your posts. Have a great week!
(((((BIG hugs)))))

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's my turn

Hello ladies and Happy belated Mother's Day!!!!!!!

What a weekend this has been, my birthday was this Saturday and then we had mother's day yesterday so needless to say I am beat today but in a good way : )

I meant to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day but I kept having problems with my phone so I was only able to wish it to some of you so as soon as the girls go to sleep I will be stopping by : )

So this week was my turn to make a layout for the new challenge at THE PAPER NICHE which was to make a layout using masks and here is what I did


Y'all remember the infamous so called "washable markers" incident a few weeks back...note to self, washable markers wash off clothes BUT not completely off your child's body so she went to school the next day looking all bruised up from the marker stains : / and I had to explain it to her teachers who already knew it was from the markers because I guess kids other than my kid do it too : )

I was having so much fun with the darn masks that I did another one except this time around instead if using inks I glimmer misted the entire page and used color pencils.


Come on to our BLOG and join in on the fun or just leave me so love :)
As always ladies THANK you for stopping by and for all your beautiful comments, you know they make my day! (((((BIG hugs))))) and have a wonderful week!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sneak peek

Hello ladies!!!!!

Today is my turn to post a sneak HERE HERE HERE so if you can please stop by and check it out and show a girl some love : )

I really need to learn how to blog better 'cause I kinda think my post over there is a little blah BUT I tried darn it!!!!! : )

Thanks for stopping by and as always THANK you for your sweet comments, you all ROCK!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Fisrt Birthday

Helloooooooooo ladies!
How's your week going so far? Mine could not be going any better : )
Slowly but surely my dreams are coming true and I am so excited about the changes that will be happening....WOOHOO!!!!!! Now to scrappy stuff. CREATIVE SCRAPPERS has their 100'th sketch up and I could not help myself but to play along.

I got my hands on the new FANCY PANTS RUSTED SUN papers from the PAPER NICHE and decided I was going to scrap a picture of our daughter on her 1'st birthday.
So what do you get when you add

Fancy Pants and Fancy Pants

You get this

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

You get your own embellishment at a fraction of the cost : ) and a cool looking page, least in my eyes ; )
I still can not believe that our Princess is no longer our tiny little baby, look at her holding her layout

Fancy Pants

It feels like I blinked and 6 years years passed me by, next thing I know she will be 13 and talking about boys. Oh my!!!! Let me NOT even think that because I am SO not ready to deal with boys ; O
Ok, I need to keep this post short because I now have to go play with the May kit for The Niche and all I'mma say is HOLLY SHMOLLY it's a nice one.
As always THANK you for all your sweet comments, you ladies rock!!! Have a wonderful week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 90'th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies!!! How was your week? Mine has been crazy crazy crazy but it's all good, at least I had a week right? I always say, any day with my feet above ground is a great day : )
On Monday we celebrated my husband's grandfather's 90'th birthday, yes ladies 90 and let it be known that Abuelo (that's granpa in el spanish) is in better health then a lot of younger people I know. He is on no meds, he still drives and he takes out everyone's garbage and gets all our mail daily, what a blessing!!! He celebrated his birthday surrounded by his children, grandchildren & their spouses, his great grandchildren and his wife aka Abuela whom he's been married to for at least 60 years, one more thing about Abuelo, his mom lived to be 106 years old and recently passed away 3 or 4 years ago in Cuba... can we say WOW? Here is a layout I did of him blowing his candles

I used A PROPER GENTLEMEN, FASHIONISTA and ON THE BOARDWALK, papers by G45, remember that they are double sided so on so pieces I used the back part.

For these cute little swirls, I stamped them on the back of a pizza box and stikled them : )
This is what the stamp set looks like

The set is by Inkadinkadoo that I got at THE NICHE a while ago as well as the papers. One thing about me... I buy buy buy some call it hoarding) and even though I may not use it right away I know sooner or later I will use it, my pages are mostly a reflection of my moods : ) and I don't care if the paper is 1 week old or 1 year old. he heeeee!

Here is another layout I did, it's of me and Mr. Hubby hanging at the park with our girls, our 6 year old snapped this picture of us, she captured us cuddling up on the bench while they were playing. I journaled on the back

The girls paperie

You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me mad but most of all you make me happy!
You are loving, you are kind, you are understanding, you are patient, you are a great father and a great husband, you are an awesome person and a wonderful son.
I want to grow old with YOU by my side!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Don't get me wrong, my marriage is not perfect but dang it it is close to it ; )
There are days when a want to choke a brother out but for the 1 day that I feel that way there are 10 days that I love him to death.
The papers are by The Girls Paperie from where else but THE NICHE, I used the MAYA ROAD STAMP for the sewing machine and embossed it with Zing embossing powder.
Well ladies, this is all I have for now, I am still trying to find my groove, I used to be able to make 1 layout a day and somewhere down the line I lost the ability to do so. How do some of you all do it. I see you blog at least 2 to 3 times a week with fabulous layouts. Help a sistah out and share your secret with me : )
As always THANK you for your wonderful comments, they always make my day.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Got wood?

Hello ladies!
How is your weekend so far? Mine has been great/horrible but no need to bore you with the horrible details, all I'm gonna say is that I have enjoyed spending time with family and the horrible part was that I had to make a decision that could have affected my family in a negative way but it was the right decision for my family, I know it makes no sense : )
Anythoot, enough with the boring stuff. Here is what I did for the WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE at entrARTistes. You had to use wood and this challenge could not have come at a better time because I just got my hands on that wood paper by Creative Imaginations at THE PAPER NICHE.


And how cuuuuuuuuute is this fairy???? I got her and the new "the girl's paperie" papers at The Niche too. Not for nothing but that store rocks my world!!! We keep getting new goodies in almost every day and that makes me one happy camper, I don't know if Mr. Hubby feels the same way ; )

OK, this is where I say adios because I need to go get everything ready for tomorrow.
Have a HAPPY EASTER and my your day fantastic!
As always THANK YOU for your sweet comments, you ladies are the best!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All about the altering

Hello ladies! Can you believe that it is already April? Well I can't but one thing I know is that this month's kit from THE PAPER NICHE is off the chain! The ladies did one heck of a job putting this one together. At first I struggled with it because I am used to working with bright, busy papers but once I took out my paints and inks there was no stopping me. Here is what I did and please note that there are a whole lotta pictures ; )

April 2010 Kit

"My Besties" this is a page of me and my 2 besties scrapping at The Paper Niche this month, the journaling basically says that prior to scrapping we cried together in the parking lot, lent a shoulder and laughed about the horrible day we had had and then had the greatest night together, they bring out the best in me these two. The musical notes were stamped with my Prima stamp which is not in the kit but you can get it at The Niche, I embossed the bird with my 7 Gipsies stamp and the border edge was also embossed with my American Crafts stamps that I bought at The Niche.

April 2010 Kit

Me and Jiggy Jen celebrating her 30'th Bday this past November and cancer free, journalling is in the back but I thought the "Encourage your hopes not your fears" stamp by TIME HOLTZ was perfect for this layout of her.

April 2010 Kit

This is a layout of Ash Wednesday, I had to take the girls to church by myself since Mr. Hubby was working and Soli's asthma was at it's worst, 1/2 was through the mass she started wheezing harder and I saw that she was about to have a melt down so I steeped outside with them and finished the mass from behind the glass and I took a picture, if you look close enough you can see my girls reflection off the glass. I placed the journalling right under the paper with the flowers and it basically says that on a day like today the only thing that kept me from braking down was my faith in The Lord.

April 2010 Kit

Us in Smokey Mountain, journaling is on the back.

And last but not least is my mini album made with the left over corrugated cardboard

April 2010 Kit April Kit April Kit April Kit April Kit April Kit April Kit

Make sure you check out what BEATRIZ, GINE, LEAH and LUCI did, I know they will blow your minds and inspire you!

As always, THANK you for your sweet comments, they sure make my day : ) and just in case I don't post before Sunday, Happy Easter to you all, enjoy the day with your loved ones and I look forward to seeing your pictures on your blogs.