Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday night crop : )

Happy Sunday ladies....NOT! :D :D :D
Where did my weekend go??? How can it be Sunday already?
Anyhoot, enough with the crying because I did have a great weekend.
Yesterday I croped at THE PAPER NICHE with THIS TALENTED CHICK and man did I have a great time and out of that good time and great company came this.....

Paper Niche

Paper Niche
This was from the left overs from THE AUGUST KIT.

Nikki Sivils

Nikki Sivils

The Niche has all these yummy Nikki Sivils papers and they have become one of my FAVE to play with but don't tell my Hambly, OA or Sassafra papers 'cause they will be sad : D :D :D

Paper Crate

I also did this page with my left overs from the CRATE PAPER I got from where??? Of course The Niche : )

Last but not least I did this page

Pink Pasley

I think I channelled the inner SASHA in me because I was inspired to do circles and slap on some stars which we all know she can work like it's no ones business : )

See that cute as all hell mushroom I got it HERE Angie Delarie makes some fantabuloso things, make sure you go check her out and that "makes me smile"wording by our Princess' face is an Ali Edwards stamp which The Niche just got in. BTW, I usually journal in the back of my pages because sometimes I tend to write and write and write and it would NOT look cute if I put all that on my layouts : )

One more thing ladies, make sure you come check us out on September 1'st at POINT BLANK PERIOD. for our first challenge which is going to be off the chain!!!!! So on that note, I wish you all a great week and as always THANK YOU for you sweet comments.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1'st day of school and an album

Happy Monday ladies!
Today my baby started kindergarten and my other baby pre k.
Seriously, where has the time gone? Here are some pictures of our morning.




AJ and Soli are in the same class as well as with my Nephew, for those of you asking WHY the girls are in the same class it's because in the Montessori school they keep the kids in the same class for 3 years, you see...the little ones learn from the older kids and the older kids learn to be leaders.

And my beautiful niece is no longer in their class because she is now with 1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd graders, do you know that when I walked in her class to take a picture of her, she was doing a report on birds with a 3'rd grader and I got all sentimental, I know...silly me.

After that I went to the Paper Niche with my girl Tammie (she is the scissors to my scrapbooking) and we scrapped until it was time to get the kids from school and here is what I did, I made my Princess a journal for her Kindergarten year.

Nikki Sivils Nikki Sivils

Nikki Sivils Nikki Sivils
I journalled on the back of the pciture.

Nikki Sivils

Nikki Sivils

I kept this journal as simple as possible because I want Angejolie to do what ever she wants with it and the great thing is that we can keep adding more and more papers throughout the school years. The papers are by Nikki Sivils that I got at THE PAPER NICHE

Well ladies that is all I have for now, as always THANK YOU for stopping by and for your sweet comments, they really make my day. Have a wonderful week : )
BTW, how was your Monday?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heavy post alert!!!

So yesterday our Princess lost her second front tooth

and when she woke up this morning the tooth fairy left her this (BTW...the tooth fairy is a sucker for his little girl)

so when Soli saw what she got once again she said "Mama look...I lose toof"

She might be little but she is NO fool :D :D :D

Later on today I hung out with LEAH. and her 2 boys, our kids had such a good time together but the hurricane that is my Soli might have scared her off ; )
She taught me a few things about this blog thing and showed me how to work the glimmer mist. We did not get to scrap but we talk scrapping the entire time.

Now for a Crate Paper layout,
Paper Niche

THE PAPER NICHE. just got those papers in this week including J.B, Nikki Sivils, American Crafts and the list goes on. So make sure you stop by and they also sell them online.

Well ladies, that's all the rambling that I have for now, hope I did not bore you : )
As always THANK you for your sweet comments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 products=1 layout

I have not done many challenges lately and I have to admit that I have missed them.
Challenges always push me to create layouts that I would normally not do and this is why I chose to do THIS CHALLENGE. You could ONLY use the following

.1 sheet of patterned paper (Studio Calico would be wonderful!)
.letter stickers
.embroidery floss or baker's twine

and this is what I did

Studio Calico Studio Calico

I used my MY AUGUST SC KIT and I love the results, my pages are usually distressed, inked and with lots of layering so this was out of my comfort zone and again...this is why I love challenges. I used paint on the metal because you could hardly read what it said. Sorry for the blurry picture but I took it this morning at 6 am and wanted to post it before the girls woke up : ) as for the journaling I did it on the back. This layout is of our Sunday trip to the library, I forgot how much fun the library was,

Well ladies that is all I have for now, as always THANK YOU for your wonderful comments, y'all know how they make my day. Have a wonderful Tuesday : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The August kit is up for sale at THE PAPER NICHE and once again Leah has done a fabulous job at putting together a 1 of a kind kit, you can see some of Leah and Melisa's layouts RIGHT HERE and here is what I did

Paper Niche I chose to keep this page as simple as I could because I made this for my mom and I have to admit that I got really emotional while doing it because all I could think about was how my Solimar was cheated from knowing my wonderful Dad, he passed away 16 days after she was born so all she will ever know will be my stories and the ones that Angeolie shares with her. See that frame??? I made it with masking tape, modeling paste, glimmer mist and water paint, I have to say that it really looks nice in person.

Paper Niche

Paper Niche This one was all about the gesso, glimmer mist, water paints and oil pastels, I also used the add on kit on it.

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

As you can see this kit really inspired me to play with paints and gesso as well as glimmer mist.

Can I just say that this week I am off because school is out until next week and do you know what is out there trying to make it's way to us?????????????? A flipping tropical storm named named Ana (I think that's her name) so needless to say it has been pouring cats and dogs today but what the hell evah because we will still have a good time : ) One more thing POINT BLANK PERIOD'S ning site is up (I think it's called a ning) come check THE BLOG RIGHT HERE or THE NING RIGHT HERE. Looking forward to seeing you there and your creations : )

As always ladies, THANK YOU for stopping by and for all your sweet comments, they sure make my day. BIG HUGS and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And just like that

Blogger gave me back my list of blogs that I follow, who would have thought that I would bug out the way that I did? NOT me....but I have to admit that I enjoy drinking my cup of coffee every morning while the girls sleep and reading your blogs : )

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of summer camp for our girls and I get to spend the next week with them just having fun at the beach and doing nothing other than fun things, so get ready to be bored 1/2 to death with lots of pictures and maybe daily blogging of my fun crap : )

Here are some layouts I did for THE PAPER NICHE with some of the papers they carry, sorry that the pictures are not that good but I had to take pictures of my layouts at The Niche while cropping there on a Friday night with my Olympus water camera that I carry daily in my purse just in case I need to take that 1 picture if you know what I mean.

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

Paper Niche
Yes ladies, I stickled the shiznit out of that plane :D :D :D and we all know how much I love me a cloud ; ) so I had to cut to out.


Paper Niche

I don't know what is goinzzzz on with my computer but this is the 7'th..YES ladies, 7'th time I attempt to post this, every time I type something it freezes on me so I'm gonna stop while I am ahead. I am off to get all my scrapping goodies ready because tomorrow I will be cropping at The Niche with all those wonderful ladies that crop there religiously : )
Have a wonderful weekend and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my craziness and for always leaving me wonderful messages. BIG hugs, ladies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogger sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that all the blogs I followed have been deleted as well as those who follow my blog :(
If anyone knows how I can get them back please let me know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ducks in a Row

Hello ladies, I have to admit that I miss blogging like I used too but I am so tired lately and have quit a good amount of crap on my plate and I do NOT like this feeling, maybe by next month things will be back to normal... now that I got THAT off my tiny chest I wanted to share a few layouts that I will be teaching at THE PAPER NICHE.

Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche

Like many of my buddies, I love me some OA papers and I just wanted to teach the ladies at THE NICHE that it's OK to use those papers on any picture, it does not have to be baby pictures and you can use pinks on boys with a little distressing and inking. Hope you like it. Sorry my post is bo-bo-bo-boooooring but nothing exciting goinz on around here....oh wait! I have a good one, our Angejolie walked up to me the before yesterday and asked "so you think I'm a bitch?" I was not sure I heard right so I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough she said it again but as if she were asking me "does my hair look good?" so I asked her nicely where she hear that and she said "the movie Stick It" it's a movie about gymnastics and somewhere in that movie one of the girls must have said it so I asked her to please never say that again because it is not a nice word that mean people use..... I swear having kids makes for a fun life.
As always ladies, THANK YOU for all your nice comments, have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Point Blank Period

So I was asked by the THE INCREDIBLY TALENTED SASHA to be part of her DT for POINT BLANK PERIOD which is a challenge blog she created and we all know that my was answer was "hell to the yeah" because anything and everything she does is off the chain and you should see the other uber duber talented ladies she got to join her on this venture. I am so stoked to be part of this team because they are going to inspire you and myself to be more creative, to journal and do things we would normally never ever do. So please come join us.

Not too long ago I finished this frame book (sorry for the bad pictures)

Paper Niche,Paper Niche

Paper Niche,Paper Niche

I was inspired by this book

Paper Niche Paper Niche,Paper Niche

that was done by MELISSA, this girl can alter a book like it's no ones business so you know that as soon as I had saw it I emailed her to let her know I was scraplifting the shiznit out of her book : ) and she had no problem with it. The hardest thing was cutting out the pages. You see...I have diagnosed myself with ADD, I swear, if it requires more than 1o minutes my mind wonders off or I start to lose the will to live so because of that it took me 2 weeks to cut that stupid center of the book but man oh man am I glad I stuck to it. I had other layouts to share but I have no idea why they are not in my photobucket :0 so on that note, have a wonderful weekend and THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my craziness and for your lovely comments.

Don't forget to check out POINT BLANK PERIOD