Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogger sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that all the blogs I followed have been deleted as well as those who follow my blog :(
If anyone knows how I can get them back please let me know.


Peggy said...

Hey Maryangella ... all the blogs I follow have been deleted as well ... blogger says "I don't follow any blogs at the moment" ... haha, can you imagine??? However, when I open those blogs, I'm still listed as a follower ... strange huh! And I can't add any new blogs to follow either ... I have no idea how to fix this, sorry!!! I'm so glad my list of favorite blogs is still on my blog!

Beth Perry said...

Blogger does suck!! I have heard to many scary stories (like yours) here lately!
I am seriously thinking about going to Typad and pay a measly $5.00 a month just to be insured.
I mean, it's not JUST A BLOG to me..it's memories, it's stories...most of the time it's my diary.
I had just paid quite a bit of money, though, to get my blog all fancy. I just hate the fact that I would be losing all of that.
But, I guess I would rather lose that than all my memories!
Love ya! I hope it gets fixed for you!

Jocelyn said...

I am so there with you and mine is doing the same thing!!! I have been flipping out and can find no one...so if I am not commenting....it is because BLOGGER SUCKS!!!! I have no idea how to fix it and have been hitting the help button and it gives me the same stupid information which is not helpful at all!!! I am hoping it is glitch and they can fix it!!!! :(

Sharon said...

I assume something's going on Internslly, since it seems to have happened to a bit of people. I noticed it yesterday when I posted a new entry and couldn't understand why those things were happening since I hadn't been playing around with anything for a while. I hope that once the engineers at blogger notice what's happening, they fix it back. I didn't go too crazy because I have some of the blog addresses saved directly on my computer, but this this really an inconvenience and if they don't get on it ( Blogger people) many will end up leaving and opening a blog somewhere else... Sucks...