Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ducks in a Row

Hello ladies, I have to admit that I miss blogging like I used too but I am so tired lately and have quit a good amount of crap on my plate and I do NOT like this feeling, maybe by next month things will be back to normal... now that I got THAT off my tiny chest I wanted to share a few layouts that I will be teaching at THE PAPER NICHE.

Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche Paper Niche

Like many of my buddies, I love me some OA papers and I just wanted to teach the ladies at THE NICHE that it's OK to use those papers on any picture, it does not have to be baby pictures and you can use pinks on boys with a little distressing and inking. Hope you like it. Sorry my post is bo-bo-bo-boooooring but nothing exciting goinz on around here....oh wait! I have a good one, our Angejolie walked up to me the before yesterday and asked "so you think I'm a bitch?" I was not sure I heard right so I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough she said it again but as if she were asking me "does my hair look good?" so I asked her nicely where she hear that and she said "the movie Stick It" it's a movie about gymnastics and somewhere in that movie one of the girls must have said it so I asked her to please never say that again because it is not a nice word that mean people use..... I swear having kids makes for a fun life.
As always ladies, THANK YOU for all your nice comments, have a wonderful week!


Peggy said...

Don't feel bad, nothing exciting going on here either ... I've been meaning to personalize my blog a bit, share funny stories and some personal stuff, but nothing is happening here LOL. I'm beginning to think I lead a pretty boring life LOL.

I love your creations, so much so that you've inspired me to try 6x12 LO's ... I'm gonna start working on one later tonight ... wish me luck!

xxx Peggy

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Love these demis, what album do you put them in..

living, creating, and appreciating
~my blog
Daisy girl for Color Me Daisy

Amy Geller said...

I'm going to let you prove your point - I plan to take this class and make these awesome layouts and I have no kiddos - I think they are VERY adaptable! Again - lovin' your work and ideas. :)

Maureen said...

hehe...loved the story! i wish i could go take that class! i have such a hard time using pinks on boy layouts....i feel the pages have to look me! i've started putting flowers on them, though! he he!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I've missed you. Seems everyone is sporadically blogging these days. For many, it is the last days before school starts back and who can blame them for wanting to spend their time with their kiddos. Plus summertime is outside time. So don't sweat it. And hopefully some of the "crap on your plate" will ease up.

Love the LOs. Great idea to show the versatility of these adorable papers. I'm sure everyone will have a great time. And I had a much needed giggle over the quote from the movie! Kids are too, too funny!

Beth Perry said...

hahaha "my little chest"
LOVE THE LAYOUTS!!! Very lovely!
and hahaha on what Angejolie said! lol
Have a great weekend, my friend!

Sharon said...

I see you're doing more 6 by 12 layouts (gorgeous by the way), but what kind of album do you put them in?

Euphoria said...

sometimes life takes over.. no biggie though... just enjoy it!

LOVE your lil LOs using this line!!

Camille Petrocelli said...

that cracked me up, what your daughter said! Just yesterday my two & 1/2 year old grandson said "grandma, what the @#*& are you doing"? I think my head started spinning! wow!
I told my daughter and she said he heard his father say that.
They seem to know exactly when & how to use it!

Beth Perry said...

Can't wait to see the Lion Country pics.
Glad you got a nap in and hope you got to get some conquering of the scrap world done! :P

~Sasha Farina~ said...

darlin' we all feel that way some time or the other.. I'm in a rut as well. too many things happening, the car accident, being sick and life in general.. gets in the way. please don't feel bad.. we're here for you. *hugs*

Sasha said...

OMGOOOOOSH .. girl shut you have yourself a 6x12 mini album going on there, I SO need to do 6x12 but I am like UGH I suck .. LOL .. you are rockin the shyt out of em ..