Sunday, January 31, 2010

All about the embellies

Hello there! Before you go any further let me warn you that this will be a PICTURE HEAVY POST ! : ) SO if you decide to keep going you have been warned ; ) Here is a layout that I did based on THIS POST these ladies always have something great going on at all times, you see I went to French school from Kindergarten until 6'th grade so I can still read and speak french but my writing is not all that good anymore : (

It was all about putting your embellishments on your pictures, now for those of you who know me, you know I am not all that good with them so this was quite the challenge BUT I love the way it turned out. This picture is of my Angejolie being so over it because I kept snapping pictures of her in her Filipino shirt my mom in law gave her when she went to the motherland and those Elvis glasses : )

I used my American Crafts stamps to make this cute little cloud and rain drops.

Here's a heart I cut out and covered with Crackle Accents and these cute little beads were sent to me in the most delish happy mail package by the FANTABULOSA B.P. You see, she always finds these beautiful vintage buttons and ribbons etc. and for some reason I can never ever find anything like that down here in South Florida so she sent me a bunch of yummy findings :) THANKS B.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now yesterday my Angejolie had a birthday party to go to, H. turned 6 this year and she is my inspiration because this year she turned 6 cancer free. This beautiful little girl kicked cancer's @$$ before she was 6, years old, she lost her hair before she was 6 years old, she had to endure chemo before she was 6 years old and yet through it all she has always kept her smile and she is the sweetest little girl!!! Here are some pictures of the party which she had at the movies, they got a special behind the scenes tour and H. even got to start the movie.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
You know I used the "I need to take pictures of this special moment" excuse because I have never seen how they run things at the movies ; )

I almost forgot to show you her girft wraping....

We stamped two little girls and then placed them on chipboard, then we cut them out and put Angejolie's and H's initial, we also stmaped the flowers and the "for you" which we also placed on chipboard to give it a pop. Angejolie loves to make "pretty wrappings" as she calls it.

Later on we took the girls to eat ice cream at Dairy Queens because it was a beautiful night and I got these pictures

Photobucket Photobucket
Angejolie's new thing is to do bunny ears when taking a picture as for Solimar, please excuse the messy hair but this kid will NOT let me do her hair....EVER!!!!!! and instead of fighting that battle I just let her go out looking all sorts of crazy ; ) don't judge me :D :D :D

And this is a picture Angejolie took of the moon, she said "look mama! I got a picture of the moon for you" because she kept seeing me try to get a decent picture of it. Gosh! I love those girls.
Well ladies, thank you for letting me blab away, have a wonderful week!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 pages and 1 proud mama!

Hello ladies! As you all have heard our neighbour island of Haiti was hit with a major earthquake last week and thousands of people have died, thousands of people are still missing and many are homeless and injured. Yesterday my Angejolie told me that she wanted to take what ever she had in her piggy bank and donate it to help help our Haitian community. This is how much she and Soli had


My husband and I did not talk to the girls about what was going on because we did not want to scare them but their school has been talking to them about it and showing them ways to help out, their school always promotes helping out different charities, our troops, children in the foster system as well as ill children so this was not surprise to me. They have set up boxes for clothes and money through out the school, here they are bringing in their money to school this morning.


And talking about Haiti, LEAH did a layout about the tragedy and it made the catwalk at SisTV, I have to say that it is such a touching page.

On a lighter note, here are 2 pages I did for THE PAPER NICHE with the new VINTAGE VALENTINE PAPERS FROM FANCY PANTS. Oh how I loved playing with those papers, I am so going to be getting more of those papers to do other layouts of me and my handsome husband since we are about to celebrate our 12'th wedding anniversary this coming March, WOOT!!!!!WOOT!!!!!

Fancy Pants
Here we are at a 70's Bday party for my girl Jiggy Jen.

Fancy Pants
And on this one I used a picture of us 12 years ago and the one form Jiggy's Bday party this past November, look at how young we look :D :D :D

Well ladies, as always THANK you for stopping by to check out my crazies and for your lovely comments. Happy Hump Day to you all and may the rest of your week be great!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Long time no post!

Happy New Year ladies!I t seems like for ever since I last posted but the last week of December we went on a little road trip to Georgia and Tennessee with my husbands parents, all his siblings and spouses and alllllll our kids. When we came back Solimar got sick, she had a fever of 102 for 6 days and her asthma was in full force so needles to say I was held captive at home by my poor sick little girl and her accomplice Dora the Explorer ; ) I am happy to say that Soli has gotten better and she finally went back to school on Monday which finally gave me time to play with the awesome January kit as well as the add on from THE PAPER NICHE

Shhhhhhhhhhh but I got this picture from LEAH'S BLOG ; ) who as always did an incredible job putting this yumny kit together.

Paper Niche
This layout is about my word for the year 2010 "BETTER" I want to be a BETTER mother, a BETTER wife, a BETTER friend, a BETTER me.

Paper Niche
Here we are at the top of Smokey Mountain on our way to where we were staying and we had to stop for the girls to touch snow for the first time and the cool thing was that seconds into taking the picture it started to snow. Did i mention that my in laws rode with us and believe it or not they are the greatest in laws in the world, they kept our daughters entertained throughout the 12 hours drive to Georgia and then the 6 hour drive to Tennessee.

Paper Niche
Another picture of the top of the mountain, how beautiful is this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paper Niche
Last but not least our beautiful girls. Their relationship is a puzzle to me, it's complicated, they fight, they love, they fight, they play, but in the end they work it out together and I end up with a beautiful picture like this one.

Thanks for stopping, have a wonderful weekend!