Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 pages and 1 proud mama!

Hello ladies! As you all have heard our neighbour island of Haiti was hit with a major earthquake last week and thousands of people have died, thousands of people are still missing and many are homeless and injured. Yesterday my Angejolie told me that she wanted to take what ever she had in her piggy bank and donate it to help help our Haitian community. This is how much she and Soli had


My husband and I did not talk to the girls about what was going on because we did not want to scare them but their school has been talking to them about it and showing them ways to help out, their school always promotes helping out different charities, our troops, children in the foster system as well as ill children so this was not surprise to me. They have set up boxes for clothes and money through out the school, here they are bringing in their money to school this morning.


And talking about Haiti, LEAH did a layout about the tragedy and it made the catwalk at SisTV, I have to say that it is such a touching page.

On a lighter note, here are 2 pages I did for THE PAPER NICHE with the new VINTAGE VALENTINE PAPERS FROM FANCY PANTS. Oh how I loved playing with those papers, I am so going to be getting more of those papers to do other layouts of me and my handsome husband since we are about to celebrate our 12'th wedding anniversary this coming March, WOOT!!!!!WOOT!!!!!

Fancy Pants
Here we are at a 70's Bday party for my girl Jiggy Jen.

Fancy Pants
And on this one I used a picture of us 12 years ago and the one form Jiggy's Bday party this past November, look at how young we look :D :D :D

Well ladies, as always THANK you for stopping by to check out my crazies and for your lovely comments. Happy Hump Day to you all and may the rest of your week be great!


leah said...

So fabulous that they were able to contribute! :)

Love the page you put together with the new fancypants! :D

Jocelyn said...

What a wonderful thing forthe girls to have done a fine job with them Momma....The news is so devestating.....I asked Joe the other night...can we please adopt one of these precious heart is so sad~~~

On a lighter the Lo's and look at you ADORABLE~~~~

Wishing you a blessed day~~

Amy said...

Beautiful layouts - I had to snag some of that paper, too - it's gorgeous! You're girls are so sweet!

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Oh... this is so nice you touched my heart! It is great that they are learning about compassion, sharing and most of all, to love others. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you next weekend!

Beth said...

love LOVE the new layouts! you are your hubby are sooooooooo HAWT!!!!

Paper Niche said...

We love the page you did!
And how sweet of your girls to help those in need.