Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sassafras Las L <3VE

Today I stopped by THE PAPER NICHE to pick up my October kit and THIS is what greeted me at the door, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! ladies my ugly little monsters from Sassafras Las. My love affair with their papers started a year ago thanks to THIS DIVA.
I did this layout while the kids (all 4 of them) played...or should I say, while they were tearing up my living room and while I was cooking "arroz con pollo"

Sassafras Sassafras Sassafras

Check out that beautiful textured paper, the moment I saw it I knew I wanted it for this layout.
This layout was inspired by THE SASSY ONE herself. I have to admit that I heart her work and by the way, she has a new challenge coming up tomorrow on POINT BLANK PERIOD so make sure you stop by and check us out because it is going to be good : )

As always, THANK YOU for your sweet comments, they sure make my day.
Have a wonderful rest of the week : )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More American Crafts.....

Good GAWD do I heart them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got some more of their papers from THE PAPER NICHE. as well as those Zings and I have been having a blast with them, here are 2 more layouts I did for The Niche.

American Crafts cute are those little felt clouds by American Crafts as well as those little trees?

American Crafts
Here I used the American Craft letter stamps for the "I LOVE YOU" and their Zing powder, pretty cool huh? And word is The Niche just got more boxes in and one of those boxes has a few of the new Sassafras papers as well as those little monsters and we all know how my heart melts for Sassafras :D :D :D I know, I'm a BIG dork!

So this weekend The Niche had their Scrap Pink crop and though I was not able to attend I did stop by to buy some goodies with my sister in law and our girls, we spent the day together while our husbands watched the younger ones, we shopped, had lunch and shopped some more : )
Check out our girls at The Niche (little scrappers in the making)


We even let them pick out some American Crafts papers and some other goodies : )
And here we are having lunch, sorry for the not so good picture but it is what it is, at least I was able to get 1 picture of us on our girls day together.

Boy does this little place have the greatest pizza in Plantation.

Well ladies, that's all I have for today and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my crazies and for you sweet comments, oh yeah! one more thing, today I had my first mammogram done, I decided to do it because my dearest friend had to have a double mastectomy done this past year and she is not even 30 yet and I just found out that a girl I went to school with was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and her 2 kids are the same age as my girls so I decided that this month was the last month I was going to be scared to get myself checked and I did it. So ladies y'all know I am not one to preach or anything like that but if you have not gotten one done please get it done.
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

American Craft Challenge

So American Crafts has a challenge going on HERE.
And as y'all know I have a crush on all their goodies especially since THE PAPER NICHE got boxes and boxes this past week filled with their new papers, stamps, Zing, name it and I have LEAH to thank for losing her mind at CHA and ordering everything she saw at their booth :D :D :D

So here is what I did

Paper Niche I used their new stamp for the "you make me happy"

Paper Niche Ya ll know how I love my clouds so I used the flair package to make a cloud, you know the saying "want not...waste not" recycle baby!

Paper Niche And with my left overs I made this cute little card.

Well ladies, that is all I have for now but as always, THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my craziness and for all your lovely comments that always put a smile on my face. Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Happy Saturday y'all!!!!!!!
Just wanted to share the layouts I did with the SEPTEMBER KIT and add on at the Paper Niche.
As always LEAH did a fabulous job putting the kit together as well as adding special one of a kind handmade yummyness!

So inspired by the wonderful CELINE NAVARRO the journalling is on the back of the layout : )
Paper Niche

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

The journalling is under tha space ship flair, see where it says pull?Paper Niche

Paper Niche

My first card "WOOHOO!!!" I know cheesy BUT I am not a card person so I'm a little excited.Paper Niche

Now this last one I did after I turned my layouts in to The Paper Niche, it's a page of Angejolie's first field trip which she had this week and I chaperoned, I am so glad that I went because I was able to take awesome pictures including this one of her on the school bus for the 1'st time, she was so excited because she has been asking to take the bus for the past year, look at that face.

Paper Niche

Make sure you go HERE and HERE to check out more yummyness.

I will be posting more American craft layouts tomorrow, The Paper Niche is exploding with new gorgeousness from American Crafts, Prima, Websters Pages and so much more including ZING embossing powder from AC and all their killer pens as well as my FAVES from Hambly so stop by and check them out.

As always ladies, THANK YOU for your wonderful comments, y'all know they make my day.

Have a wonderful weekend! (((((BIG hugs)))))

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a weekend!!!

This weekend DAMARIS hosted the baddest retreat ever, we stayed in beautiful Sanibel, Florida and check out what our hotel looked like (BTW, I snatched this picture from her blog)


and our scrap room was on that second floor with the most beautiful view. She had these goodies waiting or us on our tables, though you can not see it, that bag was full full full of yumyness!!!


I got to room with MY SCRAPBOOKING GURU who by the way made this the greatest mini trip ever, she made sure I did not do the ugly cry too many times by making me laugh every chance she got since this was my first time ever away from my family. I also got to hang with the lovely Sharon and met some wonderful ladies which I know I will scrapping with at Damaris' next crop.

Alma has got to be one of the funniest ladies ever, she had us laughing so hard, me, LaVerne and the lovely Sharon which by the way will be having her first little girl in January, I also met Ana which cracked me the hell up, we took a picture together but her eyes were shut and I will NOT post a rough looking picture because I would not like it if someone did that to me.
Here are 5 out of the 10 layouts I did, some might say "only 10? Remember that I was hanging out with fabulous ladies and there was lots of chit chatting and laughing and eating but not much sleeping.

This one is my new FAVE!!!


This is what my house looks like on any given day, messy BUT never dirty : )
I made the layout look all sorts of crazy because that's how my life is but I would not have it any other way.


This was us yesterday, see that cute apron I am wearing, Damaris' mom made one for all of us with our initials on the sweet is she????

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at what I bought myself (I snatched this picture from her blog too)


I will never ever again use a stapler, this bad boy will staple over chip board, what's up with that?
Anyhoot ladies, sorry for the long post but I had to share this with you : )
As always THANK YOU for your sweet comments, have a great week!

Oh man! I almost forgot...I have to give props to my husband, he stayed home with the girls, took them to not 1 but 2 birthday parties on Saturday and not once did he complain about me going away, I have to say that I have the greatest husband and our girls have the greatest Daddy in the world. Now, i will NOT mention the poor choice in clothes he had but he still ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WOW Daddy!

"You own a record?" Were the exact words out of our Princess' mouth when he showed her his Herman Kelly & Life record. She held that record and stared at it as if it were gold, priceless moment and I am glad we got a picture of it.


I got this YUMMY Hambly paper at THE PAPER NICHE the brick paper and the checkered hearts were made with my new Tim Holtz stamps from there too and that splattered ink on the paper was made with my Color Wash spray from Tim Holtz as well as Glimmer Mist which they also carry at The Niche. It's a plain and simple layout and yet I HEART IT so so much : )
Oh yeah! The picture.....good gawd!!!! I tried playing around with it HERE and I have yet to master that thing but it was lots of fun but when it came time to print it the printer started running out of some ink and then tried swallowing my picture so that is all that printed and instead of throwing it away I cut out all the white and kept it. Here are 2 close ups.

Hambly Hambly

Well that is all I have for now, have a wonderful week and as always THANK YOU for your sweet comments!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

When life hands you lemons......

Flip that BIA BIA the bird and scrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:30 am as I was getting ready to take these Angels to school
but when I turned the key I heard the noise no woman wants to ever ever hear... F ing click!
My flipping battery was dead, you see, the old me would have had a nervous break down at that point but the new me did this

Yep! I took a picture so that I can scrapbook about this day and then

I took a picture of the beautiful sun just because it was beautiful. So I took the kids out the car and went inside to wait for my Prince Charming to come change the battery and ask me what I did........................

I did this with my AUGUST ADD ON LEFT OVERS from The Paper Niche while the kids played in the living room and made the biggest mess : )
See, I was not kidding when I said "when life hands you lemons. flip that BIA BIA the bird and scrap"

Here's to a wonderful new week and when $H!T happens always tell yourself it could be worse and smile. As always, THANK YOU for your sweet comments, they mean the world to me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Point Blank Period is open for business : )

The 1'st challenge is up at POINT BLANK PERIOD ladies!!!
It's a pretty easy one but a great one so come check us out.

Here is my take

Point Blank

You do NOT want to miss out on the inspiration over there because it is incredible. Every page is so so different and beautiful, so come on over and give it a try. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE DT HAS DONE.