Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WOW Daddy!

"You own a record?" Were the exact words out of our Princess' mouth when he showed her his Herman Kelly & Life record. She held that record and stared at it as if it were gold, priceless moment and I am glad we got a picture of it.


I got this YUMMY Hambly paper at THE PAPER NICHE the brick paper and the checkered hearts were made with my new Tim Holtz stamps from there too and that splattered ink on the paper was made with my Color Wash spray from Tim Holtz as well as Glimmer Mist which they also carry at The Niche. It's a plain and simple layout and yet I HEART IT so so much : )
Oh yeah! The picture.....good gawd!!!! I tried playing around with it HERE and I have yet to master that thing but it was lots of fun but when it came time to print it the printer started running out of some ink and then tried swallowing my picture so that is all that printed and instead of throwing it away I cut out all the white and kept it. Here are 2 close ups.

Hambly Hambly

Well that is all I have for now, have a wonderful week and as always THANK YOU for your sweet comments!!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh My Gravy.....I love this one!!!! You so rocked it and what a great way to save the pic!!!!! Yippee...I LOVE IT!!!! Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!! :)

KristenJo said...

LOVE this soooo much!!!

Gine said...

LoooooovE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

a record huh.. what a novelty for kids these days :D this is awesome, girl!

Beth Perry said...

what an awesome way to use that record paper! Love it, sweets!
Happy Friday!

Amy said...

Very creative - and the best subject for that paper!

Maureen said...

wow! love it! yes, very good idea to save that cool! my daughter saw a record at an antique store and was like "what's THAT?"....I just giggled and was before they had cd's honey...didn't even explain tapes to her!!! lol!