Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More American Crafts.....

Good GAWD do I heart them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got some more of their papers from THE PAPER NICHE. as well as those Zings and I have been having a blast with them, here are 2 more layouts I did for The Niche.

American Crafts
OK...how cute are those little felt clouds by American Crafts as well as those little trees?

American Crafts
Here I used the American Craft letter stamps for the "I LOVE YOU" and their Zing powder, pretty cool huh? And word is The Niche just got more boxes in and one of those boxes has a few of the new Sassafras papers as well as those little monsters and we all know how my heart melts for Sassafras :D :D :D I know, I'm a BIG dork!

So this weekend The Niche had their Scrap Pink crop and though I was not able to attend I did stop by to buy some goodies with my sister in law and our girls, we spent the day together while our husbands watched the younger ones, we shopped, had lunch and shopped some more : )
Check out our girls at The Niche (little scrappers in the making)


We even let them pick out some American Crafts papers and some other goodies : )
And here we are having lunch, sorry for the not so good picture but it is what it is, at least I was able to get 1 picture of us on our girls day together.

Boy does this little place have the greatest pizza in Plantation.

Well ladies, that's all I have for today and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my crazies and for you sweet comments, oh yeah! one more thing, today I had my first mammogram done, I decided to do it because my dearest friend had to have a double mastectomy done this past year and she is not even 30 yet and I just found out that a girl I went to school with was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and her 2 kids are the same age as my girls so I decided that this month was the last month I was going to be scared to get myself checked and I did it. So ladies y'all know I am not one to preach or anything like that but if you have not gotten one done please get it done.
Have a wonderful week!


alma said...

HOla Maryangela espero que todo este bien, me gustan mucho tus layout. Saludos.

melissa o. said...

great layouts (as always) and your daughter and niece are so adorable. what a great day! a perfect double date :)

Jocelyn said...

Love the LO's...you are so super talented and I adore American Crafts!!!! What great pics.....you look like you girls were having a great time...and YAY for the Mammogram.....better to be safe!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!! :)

Beth Perry said...

eeeee I love them!! I especially love the clouds on the first page and the design of the 2nd page! Love love baby! and you guys all look so cute! I could use some pizza NOW, thank you! lol

Maureen said...

oh my...love the pages! the photos are too cute! i'm glad you guys had fun. nothing like a girls day to make you feel great! girls rock! Oooohh...I've actually been thinking bout the mammogram...my aunt just passed from breast cancer in the Philippines and I was thinking how lucky we are to have insurance (those of us that have it) and get testing done. Well, have a great week girl!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Love AC...must get my hands on some Zing powder!!! Great LOs...of course, you know I {heart} all your work!

So very glad to hear you had your first mammo. Now there will be a great baseline for the future. I hate to admit, but I'm a little late in getting mine done this year. Time gets away from me and before you know it I'm a few months past due. Thanks for the reminder.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo L

chuxfox said...

Hey Lady! I wish we had a Paper Niche. You have the coolest stuff! I have got to get those felties. I love your LO's as usual. Very colorful. I have just opened my eyes to the power of Zing. Isn't that stuff great! Take care my friend!

laverneboese said...

u are not gonna get me obsessed with one more scrapping thing...i'm not gonna let you. first it was the mists, now that zing stuff!!!! u know i love your work...now where's the stuff from your little divas?!

Wati Basri said...

Love those felt clouds!! N yr 2 princess are just lovely :)

KristenJo said...

Great pics and layouts!! And I love the scrapbooking store...I wish I had one close by :( I'm so jealous!!!