Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sketch 162 & Sketch 164

Hello lovelies!
I think I might just have gotten some of my mojo back thanks to SKETCH #162 from CREATIVE SCRAPPERS. I guess life is no longer what it used to be and I now have to figure out how to fit in my love for scrapbooking into my new life because I have really missed it. Here is what I did!

I used some old papers that I have been sitting on but truth be told, my girls don't care how old the papers are, all they care about is their pages and the stories behind them.

I was so inspired by this page that I decided to do another page with my left overs using SKETCH 164, whatcha think?

I have never been a sketch kinda girl but this might just be what I need in my life.
As always, thank you for checking out my blog and for the sweet messages. Have a wonderful week : )

(PS...I have NO idea why my post is purple and black!!! I have tried to fix it 5 times but no luck)