Sunday, June 13, 2010

Being challenged!!!

Hope y'all are doing great because I am beat like a you know what!
I know I am still being a bad bad blogger but this is why.....

I have been packing, trying to clean this so that we can turn our new house into our new home and let me tell you that it has NOT been easy but it will get done in time. The girls are super excited to finally have a house with a pool especially since it is hot as all hell here : )

So on Monday it was my turn to do a layout for our CHALLENGE AT THE PAPER NICHE and it was about glimmermisting.

This is what I was able to pull off in 1 day between all that packing :D :D :D I found some AC left over scraps and I used my T!M Holtz masks, so if you up for a challenge and want a neat prize please do join us : )

I also managed to do a layout which has taken me one whole week because I would touch it for 5 minutes and have to walk away to do something, touch it for 7 minutes and once again have to walk away because THIS GIRL challenged me to do a boy layout. Can we say challenge of the year???????? But I gave it my all and this is what I got.

Photobucket This is a page of our daughter and her partner in crime (her cousin) they are 4 months apart and boy oh boy are they a hand full. the journaling will be on the blue tag under their picture.

Photobucket The flowers and button are left overs from my JUNE KIT

Photobucket I had to paint and ink my ribbons. I also traced this little boy and little girls from an old OA die cut and then embossed them. BTW this page is as busy as these two are ; )

Well...this is where I say ADIOS ladies and I am so sorry I have not been by your blogs to show you some love but I swear that as soon as this place is 1/2 way decent I will be loving on your stuff like it's no body's business!!!! As always THANK you for your sweet comments, you all know how much I love them and how much they make my day : ) and I apologize for the crazy looking post.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is it June already???????

Well hellllllo ladies!
I know I have been a bad blogger as much as I have been bad at blog hopping but this has been a couple of busy/crazy weeks. Hopefully we will be settled in soon so that I can get back to playing with papers and stalking your blogs : )

This month's kit at THE PAPER NICHE was fun to work with but a little challenging because I am all about the colorful, busy papers : ) but a challenge is always good right???!!!! And I was able to do layouts that I would not normally do : )

June PN Kit
Here we are celebrating my SIL's birthday and her new home....these 2 bring out the goofy in me no matter what kind of mood I'm in, you know that saying "we don't stop playing because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing" well in our case we will never grow old!

June PN Kit
We can look normal when need be : )

June PN Kit
Since I started packing I have come across old pictures and love notes and I found this Polaroid picture of 1998, just 8 moths after we got married. Ahhhhhhh! to be young with no worries, those were the days I had time to get my hair, pedi and mani done every Friday! I traded those days for motherhood and I have no regrets......well 1 regret, I regret the fact the I have crazy looking hair these days but that's what hats are for : )

June PN Kit
This is my favorite page, we took my mom to go see the planes land and take off, that is one thing the girls love doing with Daddy!

As you can see there is no journalling on my pages, I need to learn to journal on my layouts, most of it is done on the back of the papers, so if anyone has any good tips please share them with me.
As always ladies, THANK you for your sweet comments because they always make my day!
As soon as we are done living in boxes I will be a better blogger and I will be showing my love for your posts. Have a great week!
(((((BIG hugs)))))