Tuesday, September 22, 2009

American Craft Challenge

So American Crafts has a challenge going on HERE.
And as y'all know I have a crush on all their goodies especially since THE PAPER NICHE got boxes and boxes this past week filled with their new papers, stamps, Zing, flairs...you name it and I have LEAH to thank for losing her mind at CHA and ordering everything she saw at their booth :D :D :D

So here is what I did

Paper Niche I used their new stamp for the "you make me happy"

Paper Niche Ya ll know how I love my clouds so I used the flair package to make a cloud, you know the saying "want not...waste not" recycle baby!

Paper Niche And with my left overs I made this cute little card.

Well ladies, that is all I have for now but as always, THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my craziness and for all your lovely comments that always put a smile on my face. Have a wonderful week!!!


laverneboese said...

haha, yes you are the queen of recycling. i need to give you more credit on my blog for the "pizza box thang" and reusing my supplies. that cardboard i used in my last layout was from Little Caesars and I recycled Prima packaging. I love your layouts woman...and I can totally understand the CLOUD LOVE. i love me some clouds too. u have created a monster in me at the paper niche. i'm sending three scrapping buddies there this weekend. hugs and always, thanks for leaving an old crusty scrapper some blog love :)

Beth Perry said...

hahaha that is EXACTLY everything I wanted to do to when I put those 4 photos together!!! lol
I seriously have a girl crush on you! ha!!
Anyhoo...love your latest!! Is that bottom one a card?
I love how you did everything..the cloud, the pin, the stamp! Beautiful colors and awesome designs on both!
Talk to you soon, sweets!

Amy said...

All the layouts and card look so great, and I especially love the repetition of the photo - so cute! I'm glad you're having fun making cards - that's my fav kind of project! Keep sharing your amazing work - you're an inspiration. :)

Sharon said...

Awesome! and I love you're rocking the cards lately...there's gotta be some use for those small pieces of leftover stuff, huh?

Jocelyn said...

I just adore the LO and card and Yippee for recycling!!!! Love all the details and yummy goodness!!!! Wishing you a perfect day!!! :)

Maureen said...

soooo gorgeous! you go recycling pro! i'm speechless (almost)..he he!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh you rock AC! i wish they have some sort of reader gallery, just so you can be in there!

Peggy said...

Beautiful work! You've inspired me with your clouds ... gonna add some to the LO I'm working on right now!
xxx Peggy

KristenJo said...

WOW!!! LOOOVEEE the layouts and the card!!! Amazing work :) Hope you have a great Tuesday!!! :) :)