Friday, January 15, 2010

Long time no post!

Happy New Year ladies!I t seems like for ever since I last posted but the last week of December we went on a little road trip to Georgia and Tennessee with my husbands parents, all his siblings and spouses and alllllll our kids. When we came back Solimar got sick, she had a fever of 102 for 6 days and her asthma was in full force so needles to say I was held captive at home by my poor sick little girl and her accomplice Dora the Explorer ; ) I am happy to say that Soli has gotten better and she finally went back to school on Monday which finally gave me time to play with the awesome January kit as well as the add on from THE PAPER NICHE

Shhhhhhhhhhh but I got this picture from LEAH'S BLOG ; ) who as always did an incredible job putting this yumny kit together.

Paper Niche
This layout is about my word for the year 2010 "BETTER" I want to be a BETTER mother, a BETTER wife, a BETTER friend, a BETTER me.

Paper Niche
Here we are at the top of Smokey Mountain on our way to where we were staying and we had to stop for the girls to touch snow for the first time and the cool thing was that seconds into taking the picture it started to snow. Did i mention that my in laws rode with us and believe it or not they are the greatest in laws in the world, they kept our daughters entertained throughout the 12 hours drive to Georgia and then the 6 hour drive to Tennessee.

Paper Niche
Another picture of the top of the mountain, how beautiful is this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paper Niche
Last but not least our beautiful girls. Their relationship is a puzzle to me, it's complicated, they fight, they love, they fight, they play, but in the end they work it out together and I end up with a beautiful picture like this one.

Thanks for stopping, have a wonderful weekend!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh sweetheart.. so glad Soli got better and left you with some me time! not that I'd mind watching Dora, i kinda love her shriek. LOL. I've missed you. Awesome work as always. and your Heaven on Earth... OMG.. took my breath away! *hugs*

leah said...

<3 the layouts you came up with girl! Great work as always. ;)

Jocelyn said...

Boy Soli was really a sick little one....I hope she is doing much better...

I have missed you...bit wowza...look at what you created..I LOVE THEM all...what great photos to go with a Fabulous Kit!!!

Have a great weekend!!! :-)

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

beautiful pages... I love them all! You look so pretty in that picture. Hope to see you in 2 weeks!

chuxfox said...

What's up Chic? How you doin'? I am so excited to see your pages. They are as wonderful as I knew they would be. The kit is HOT! I am so glad baby girl is feeling better an you guys had a great time on vacation. I love my in-laws too! Smooches!

Sharon said...

Wow! your layouts keep getting better and better!

Lisa Howard said...

You must tell me where in GA and TN!!! I have a sneakin' suspicion you were VERY close to me when you were in TN! Sounds like a wonderful trip with your wonderful in-laws! Glad to hear Soli is all better now. Love, love, love those layouts, girlfriend! AWESOME!!! Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you I also LOVE your word for 2010!

Mo said...

girl, those girls of yours are adorable. what a fun trip for you all! i'm happy you had some good times and that soli is feeling better! is dora the explorer sick now? he he.....oh, forgot to say how beautiful your creations were and i soooooo love the papers in that kit! i've scrapped with them before and saved some of the goodness...for what, i don't know but i didn't have the heart to use it all up!