Saturday, August 15, 2009


The August kit is up for sale at THE PAPER NICHE and once again Leah has done a fabulous job at putting together a 1 of a kind kit, you can see some of Leah and Melisa's layouts RIGHT HERE and here is what I did

Paper Niche I chose to keep this page as simple as I could because I made this for my mom and I have to admit that I got really emotional while doing it because all I could think about was how my Solimar was cheated from knowing my wonderful Dad, he passed away 16 days after she was born so all she will ever know will be my stories and the ones that Angeolie shares with her. See that frame??? I made it with masking tape, modeling paste, glimmer mist and water paint, I have to say that it really looks nice in person.

Paper Niche

Paper Niche This one was all about the gesso, glimmer mist, water paints and oil pastels, I also used the add on kit on it.

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

As you can see this kit really inspired me to play with paints and gesso as well as glimmer mist.

Can I just say that this week I am off because school is out until next week and do you know what is out there trying to make it's way to us?????????????? A flipping tropical storm named named Ana (I think that's her name) so needless to say it has been pouring cats and dogs today but what the hell evah because we will still have a good time : ) One more thing POINT BLANK PERIOD'S ning site is up (I think it's called a ning) come check THE BLOG RIGHT HERE or THE NING RIGHT HERE. Looking forward to seeing you there and your creations : )

As always ladies, THANK YOU for stopping by and for all your sweet comments, they sure make my day. BIG HUGS and have a wonderful weekend!


Jocelyn said...

Wowza Miss did some rockin projects and I love all the use of the gesso, paint and mist!!!! Love them....always adore your talent!!!! Oh NO...a tropical storm...I saw that on the news this morning!!!!! Hope it just stays that way!!!!! I will check out the site!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!! :)

Peggy said...

You have been busy again, and they all look so good!!! I'm a big fan of gesso and paint, so I like them A LOT!!!!
Stay safe my friend, hope that storm passes you by.

xxx Peggy

Beth Perry said...

Girl, you sooo amaze me!! I love all your latest layouts!! Loving the purple and black and that GORGEOUS FEATHER! That is such a kick a@@ layout!
And I love the gesso/glimmer mist city scape one. So creative!!! you sooo inspire me! :P

Maureen said...

what the ning is a ning? he he...jk..i'll check it out! but i can't see any of the pictures! booo hooo! i can't see your beautiful creation(s)! i'll check back tomorrow!


TamRod said...

Hating on the No Doubt LO! :( J/K but really not. They all look great. I especially love the one of the Hurricane on the swing.

leah said...

LOVE your layouts with the August kit!! :)