Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heavy post alert!!!

So yesterday our Princess lost her second front tooth

and when she woke up this morning the tooth fairy left her this (BTW...the tooth fairy is a sucker for his little girl)

so when Soli saw what she got once again she said "Mama look...I lose toof"

She might be little but she is NO fool :D :D :D

Later on today I hung out with LEAH. and her 2 boys, our kids had such a good time together but the hurricane that is my Soli might have scared her off ; )
She taught me a few things about this blog thing and showed me how to work the glimmer mist. We did not get to scrap but we talk scrapping the entire time.

Now for a Crate Paper layout,
Paper Niche

THE PAPER NICHE. just got those papers in this week including J.B, Nikki Sivils, American Crafts and the list goes on. So make sure you stop by and they also sell them online.

Well ladies, that's all the rambling that I have for now, hope I did not bore you : )
As always THANK you for your sweet comments.


Beth Perry said...

Ok, first off: HOLY COW, A TWENTY???? FOR A TOOTH!! HAHJAH Man, prices have gone up since I was little. Ok, second....true story:
I always got a quarter for my teeth. Well, my friends at school always got $ next tooth I lost, I wrote the tooth fairy a little note. Yeah, I did. I said, dear tooth fairy, can I PLEASE have more than a quarter this time?? hahah And it worked! lol
Mom has my note and my tooth still til this day! lol
Loving the layout babe!
TGIF tomorrow!

Jocelyn said...

I am so laughing at the tooth fairy booty!!!! We too have incresed the amount for a tooth and man...I like beth got a quarter!!!!! The Lo is just the details and colors....not to mention the awesome pic!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great little story about the tooth fairy! I can't even begin to remember what I got from the tooth fairy but my kiddos got a $1...when the tooth fairy didn't space out and forget to visit! LOL!

Glad to be back for a visit. I've missed ya bunches. Summer sure has been crazy for me. I'm hoping to get things back to my "normal" soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo L

leah said...

We had fun too!! It would be fun to scrap together one day, too! :)

Maureen said...

my hubby makes $1 seem more than it is by giving my daughter those gold $1 coins! she LOVES them! he he...he's always been good with the finances! lol! love the layout and the girls are tooooo toooo cute!

melissa o. said...

your girls are growing fast and your little one is too cute! and too smart! can't wait to see photos of your crop day!