Monday, November 16, 2009

BASB challenge and a page

Happy Monday!
Boy am I glad today is over, my morning started great, the girls did NOT give me a hard time this morning, the weather was cloudy and a little chilly, I had my favorite brown dress and heels, The Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night" (my favorite song) was on the radio and then.....................I was surrounded by negative energy, crabby @$$ people and it was about to suck me in but guess what I did to prevent that from happening,
I went to THE PAPER NICHE and got my hands on the new 7 Gypsies papers and some Prima goodies: )
And this is what I did with it

7 Gypsies

That's our beautiful Princess with her 2 BFF on her 6'th birthday.
It's amazing how papers, stamps or paints will make me happy, some people drink, some dance, I scrap to get me out of my funk!

Now, my girl LAVERNE is hosting a challenge at BASB and it is super easy and super fun here is my take.

American Crafts

I am thankful for my family, our health, our home and our daily bread, notice that I used a picture of us, a heart for our health, 2 little houses for our home and I gave my little girl fruit stockings for our daily bread : )
The family is also doing one but it is taking them a little longer but here is a picture of the girls doing their project

Photobucket Photobucket

Are they cute or what?
OK so on the back you have to write about an act of kindness you are going to do for someone, so my act of kindness is.... I am going to help to help out someone who is up to their neck with work.
Now mind you the challenge was until yesterday and since I was super busy this week I can not enter to win that yummy ATC carousel but it was fun making this little girl and when everyone is done with their little girls I am going to hang them on our wall.
Well ladies, as always THANK you for your sweet comments a wonderful week!


leah said...

Love 'em. :)

Sharon said...


Jocelyn said...

What a fun project and so sorry you had to deal with idiots...but sometimes...I think the world would be a boring place without them!!! :-) Love the pics with their craft projects....they are going to be Super Uber talented...just like their wonderful Mommy!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Have a wonderful day...:-)

Lisa Howard said...

Now that's away to dodge a bad day! lol! Love that song too, btw! Your girls are absolutely precious...they must take after their mom! Hope you are having a great day today! xoxo L

Damaris said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie. Esta bella la chiquita! Time does fly does it not? It looks like fun was had by all. So glad your day got brighter and you were able to get some yumminess @ the niche. Hope to see you soon.

Elizabeth said...

Super cute projects!!!

I'm glad you got away from all that bad mojo!! Playing paper makes me feel better most times. Have a fabulous day!!

Beth Perry said...

wow babe!! I love that page so much! I especially love the green paint numbers thingy in the back! so cool!
Love the little woman too. Adorable project!
It sucks when you are in a good mood and certain negative people can suck the ever loving energy out of you! lol
But, I bet you kept your head up and said EFF THEM! HAHAHA
love ya!