Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long time no post

It seems like it's been for ever and a day since I last posted something or even created something. Here are the layouts that I did with the OCTOBER KIT at The Paper Niche

Paper Niche

Paper Niche
See that butterfly? I made it with modeling past and then painted it with water colors.

Paper Niche
Here we are celebrating my father in law's Bday with his parents in the center, my husband his brother and sisters with their spouses, my mom in law and our kids, none of us have make up on since we had been by the pool and just chilling, the kids were a hot mess but what matters most is that we got our family picture : )

Paper Niche
I got the little tile idea from MY GURU

Paper Niche
This picture is of my husband and I right before I had to get my ultrasound done, he is my rock, the one that always says "stay positive" "we will cross that bridge together if need be" he is my world and I am so blessed to have been his wife for the past 12 years : )

I only had 1 day to do these pages and I know I could have done more pages and better looking pages but you see on Tuesday September 29'th (I think) I had a mammogram done and I got a call on Friday October 2'nd by my doctor that she wanted me to have an ultrasound done. So on Wednesday October 7'th I had my ultrasound done and there was clearly something there but the girl who did the ultrasound could not tell me anything so I spent the next 6 days, praying that it would be nothing... still having to keep a smile on my face for our girls sake all the while being scared to death. Finally on Monday October 12 I got a call from my doctor saying "it seems to be a cyst, a 2 cm cyst, I will schedule an appointment to get it drained and we will do another ultrasound in 6 months"
Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT going to settle for that answer, I have scheduled an appointment where I will request to have it removed...bump getting a biopsy done, just take it out and if it's a be it but if it aint, I will then cross that bridge when the time comes. I am sharing this NOT because I want a pity party but because I feel the need to get it out of me, because I believe in the power of prayer and because I want you all to get your mammogram done if you have not done so yet. My dear friend Jen was told for the longest time that what she had was a cyst and she was too young for it to be cancer since she was only 27, last year she had a double mastectomy done and this year she will celebrate her 30'th birthday CANCER FREE.
Sorry for the long post and as always THANK YOU for your kind words, they mean the world to me.


Jocelyn said...

First off I adore all the LO's and that Butterfly you made is awesome!!!

I am so proud of you for taking your health into you own hands...I too had what they called a cyst removed and it turned out to me a cancer...but I was so glad to have it removed and gone!!!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers....

KristenJo said...

Praying for you here, everything will be A-OK :) :)

And I love your layouts, they are all beautiful!!!! Have a great Thursday!!!

Sharon said...

I'm glad you are back posting...I myself stopped for a while, but I've been blogging regularly now for a couple of weeks :)
You're in my prayers girl. How great that you have such a supporting husband! Cool layouts too!

leah said...

Lots of prayers, girl! Looking for some good news... :)
And you did fabulous with the kit - even on short notice! :D

Peggy said...

oh honey I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through such a rough time. I knew something going on, but I wasn't sure what. I'm sorry I missed it. I agree completely, get it out! My mom's had breast cancer twice already, resulting in a mastectomy last year ... you just can't be too careful when it comes to this. I'll be thinking of you my friend!

Your LO's look gorgeous, even with you feeling you didn't spent enough time on them. I always love seeing your work, because they're always filled with so much love ... that can never be bad, right?

Love xxx Peggy

Mo said...

the layouts are beautiful! I'm sorry i'm just reading this now...I think you made a good decision for opting for removal. Thinking of you!!!!