Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sketch #7

Morning Ladies :)

Today is a GREAT day.
My dear friend JENNIFER. came out of surgery last night at 7 pm and her husband said that all went well, they say the cancer did not spread spread from her breasts to her lymph nodes, I tell you God is great and as my my dear Nicholas....well, what else can I say other that God is great, 5 days ago we were told to prepare to say our farewell and today there is a possibility that he mat go home. His memory from 01/01/90 to 01/05/90 is gone and he repeats himself over and over but he is doing great. Thank you for your prayers.

Here is a layout I did with my NOEL MIGNON. winnings for INSPIRED BLUEPRINTS.
our Solimar climbing her art table to get to the glass ornaments that we put on the top of the tree because we knew her curiosity would get the better of her and maybe break one. We asked her NOT to get on chairs to to get the ornaments, I guess we should have also mentioned that art table :D


I hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Maryangella

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Damaris said...

Wow, some serious stuff going on in your life. I promise to keep Jen and Nicholas in my prayers for some speedy recoveries.