Friday, March 13, 2009

11 years ago today

I married my soulmate!
Some say we eloped I say we did not.
I met my husband in November of 1997 and 4 months later on Friday March 13'th we
decided that it was the perfect day to get married. We went to the court house and did it!
Some gave us weeks other were more generous and gave us 2 or 3 years and the polite ones
kept their mouths shut. Well!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 years later and 2 beautiful Angels, we are still in love
and going strong, guess we proved the haters wrong LOL. Don't get me wrong, once in a while I could choke him and I'm pretty sure he has thought that too but what couple does not get on one another's nerve once in a while.
Sorry I have no pictures to post about our crazy out of the blues wedding but I do not know how to scan but I will get hubs to scan one for me. So today I did this layout of our beautiful Angejolie, she is our creation and never in a million years did I ever imagine that my life would be as great as it is. Sure I might not own my dream home nor do I drive a fancy car but I am RICH in love. I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful little girls who bring me flowers every Sunday and give me the best hugs.

So I came across THIS CHICK'S. blog (she's pretty cool and real) as I was reading THE LOVELY SHARON'S. blog and she challenged her readers to do a layout with green in it. So I decided to do it and here is my take.


OK so I just decided I need to do one of our other little Angel so I flipped the paper and VOILA!
For those of you who do not know me that well, I am crazy like that...I have to start my mornings and end my nights playing with papers and paints and what nots! (8:19 am)

I have to say that my way of scrapping keeps changing and I am loving it!
And do you know who I have to thank for that?
MY GURU LA VERNE. From day 1, she told me to think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone and I have never looked back. Thank you La Verne! You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

Well ladies that is all for now, I do have one question...What do you consider eloping to be.
I would love to read what you think. Have a wonderful weekend, I will be having dinner with my soulmate (sans kids) and afterwards we are meeting up with a couple of friends that we have not seen in years because we have been busy being parents.


Jiggy Jen said...

LOVE the new LO's.. You ROCK...And as for Eloping...WELL..I think that it is a very BRAVE, Romantic, Daring, Spontaneous, think outside the box thing to do!!! Amazing how the both of you just "KNEW"..Much love!

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary! I love how your layouts are coming out! BEAUTIES! Now as far as eloping, I agree with Jen. It's definitely a brave thing to do :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you had a fabulous dinner!! I love your LOs.
Eloping is fun, I didn't want a big wedding so I told my mom that Tony and are getting married in three weeks, you can be there or not. :) Tony and I along, with my family and his dad went down to Myrtle Beach and got married 9 years ago (march 11th). :)

chuxfox said...

My thoughts on eloping! Very cost effective, romantic, and low drama. If my children want to elope I want to know the other person really well.