Monday, March 16, 2009

What a surprise

A few weeks ago the THE LOVELY SHARON. sent me an email asking me if I wanted her to help me make my blog pretty because she remembered that a few months ago I tried and accidentally erased everything. An of course I accepted. Imagine my surprise when I came to my blog and saw the great job she did. This is what I am talking about when I say I have been blessed with meeting a few wonderful ladies via the blog world, Ladies I would have probably never met. Sharon, I can not thank you enough for your kindness, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

So on Friday hubs and I went out to dinner with 2 couples we have been friends with since the good old school days. (it's amazing how hubs and I knew the same peeps since school yet our paths never crossed until November 1997) Let me not bore you with all my weekend detail, all I will say is that we had a wonderful weekend with friends, family and our girls.

This is what I had the pleasure of seeing Thursday night

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Yep, our beautiful Angejolie, every time she sees a camera she strikes a pose and then we had our crazy (in a good way) and beautiful Solimar that likes to run around the house with this cat mask screaming AAAAARGH!!!!! while thinking she is scaring us :D and she has learned to strike a pose like her sister.

And last but not least is a layout that I did for my pal M. with her daughter.
I got these yummy papers at my little piece of heaven THE PAPER NICHE.


I left the strips blank so that she can journal a nice little something.
I used my H Swapp precious stamp with some paint and then got exacto knife crazy but boy do I love how it came out.
I bought that paper to do something pretty for my girls and then I came accross that picture and it was perfect so I thought it would be nice to surprise her with it since she does not scrap. Maybe this will get her started LOL.
Anyhoot! Thank you for putting up with all my random craziness and have a wondeful Tuesday.


Sharon said...

You are very welcome my friend :) Glad you liked it!

Anne-Marie said...

Gotta love me some Fancy Pants Kraft! Beautiful layout girl!! :)

Tammy said...

Your blog is rockin' now girlfriend! Great job! :)

chuxfox said...

Very NICE layout! It is poppin'! Is that glitter glue? I just bought some yesterday.

Sasha said...

Your blog looks good girlie .. and love lil Ms. Mama's photos haha.. she is too too cute ..