Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh how I love YOU Sassafras

Las week I stopped by my little piece of heaven that goes by the name of THE PAPER NICHE. and picked up the new Sassafras Las papers. Anyone who knows my know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE their papers and it is all because of LA VERNE'S. fault :D She got me to buy a studio Calico kit and that was the day that i fell in LOVE with the crazy little deer.


This is a layout of the first time both the girls napped at the same time, any mom would give her right pinkie to have her kids sleep or nap at the same time in order to get that much needed break and can I tell you that I was in heaven? I sat in my car for an hour and read a scrapbooking mag. Don;t get me wrong, I LOVE our girls but it is nice to have that hour of pure silence. Hope you like it and as always, THANK YOU for checking out my craziness.


Misty said...

oh i'm surprise to see my blog on your list! Thanks ;)
(I don't have a good english, sorry!) But i'm delighted !

Sasha said...

IN LOVE .. all day long .. OMGawd I love what you have done .. I have me some new Sassafrass too girl and you have so inspired me to dive into mines .. mm friend to friend inspiration LOL ..

laverneboese said...

hahaha!!!! yeah, that little psycho deer paper is contagious...i love me some sass, but haven't rocked it like u in awhile. i need to get my booty over to the paper niche.