Thursday, April 16, 2009

April kit at The Niche

The April kits go on sale this weekend at THE PAPER NICHE.


Here I included my dear friend's wedding invitation, people spend so much money getting them done and I could not bring myself to throw it awa so I thought it would be nice to have it on a layout that they can share with their kids one day.

This page of the kids at the beach was done with all the scraps I had left and I went crazy with the Glimer Mist : )

This page was a little challenging because there was a whole lot of exacto knifing but the end result made it all worth it!


Anyone that knows me knows that my new thing is to do at least 1 frame per month, you know... of that 1 picture that you love but can not do a layout with because the background was wak! I figured I will have 1 wall filled with little frames of those special little negleted pictures. In the back of the frame I wrote a note to our girls telling them that Prince Charming does might take years and many frogs but not to settle for less than they deserve because HE will come one day as did mine.

I am not sure if they have posted their layouts yet but go check out LEAH'S BLOG. (she is the one that put this wonderful kit together and as always RAWKED to heck out of it) and MELISA'S BLOG. because they are some talented ladies. If you guys happen to live in South Florida go check out THE PAPER NICHE. because they have the baddest selection of papers, Prima goodies etc...etc.....

As always, THANK YOU for stoping by and for the lovely messages, have a wonderful day :)


Misty said...

wow, this layouts are fabulous!!!

(on my blog : the design is Bella and Edward in Twilight movie) ;)

Damaris said...

Wow, are on a roll. Love, love, love the work. I must agree with you..there are definitely prince charmings out there.

Sharon said...

DEFINITELY right...Princes are hopping around looking for their all your work...I'm gonna have to get some of that glimmer mist LOL!