Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo ladies!

Here is a layout I thought would be appropriate for the occasion.


This is a picture we took last month when my husband and I finally decided to cut the cord, had his parents watch the girls and went out to dinner with old time friends, MAN OH MAN did we have a great time at Tijuana Taxi. (BTW, I am one that loves to let my Princess scrap with me, so that heart was her idea and she cut out that triangle, you would be amazed at how just this little action makes her SO SO happy, so if you see that there is a triangle or a crazy looking drawing or something that would not normally be on a layout...that is my Princess' special touch)

I have not posted anything because my MOJO has left me, I have not seen that little sucker since last Tuesday and I am about to file a missing mojo report, should anyone see her please send her back to me because I miss her.

Hope you all have a productive and creative week and as always...THANK YOU for your kind words, they mean the world to me.


chuxfox said...

Hey Lady! Once again I love the layout. I am totally going to steal it so you may see it on my blog. How did you get the picture of the drinks to look like that? I want to give that a try.

Peggy said...

Oh so pretty, and I love the additional touches, I'll be on the lookout for more in the future LOL.
xxx Peggy

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i think the little touches from your girl is simply adorable!!

Beth Perry said...

hahah you are sooo funny! I will keep an eye out for your mojo! lol
I love love that layout! Are you submitting it into the ScrapMojo challenge?? (sorry, if you said so...I did read your post..I promise. lol) Anyways, you should!
Can't wait until Friday..I will be posting your schtuff, little lady! :D

Damaris said...

love that you are raising a family historian...whoo hoo! When we are older, and wiser...uhhmmppp...our girs can join us and go out to crops...he,heeh,ha.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Awesome layout! I had to giggle when you referred to your mojo as a she. I usually refer to it as a he...you know, wonderfully helpful when "he" decides to show up, but totally AWOL when you need "him" the most! lol! I want to know about that photo too...how DID you get it to look like that?

Sharon said...

Love love love love it! Your little girl's touches are so sweet and I bet she just feels great when you let her play with and IN your stuff. How cool! That my friend is PRICELESS. She'll remember those little moments FORVER :) (Oh and I'm definitely stealing this one too!)

Kim Strother said...

I like the photo. Did you scratch it??? It draws such attention to the photo. This would be great to do if there is something in a photo you need to take out. What tool did you use????

Jocelyn said...

I am new to your Blog, found you through Lisa.....but wowza I am just adoring your Blog!!! The last LO is awesome and I love what you did with the pic!!!!! Please stop by and say HI!!!! I just adore meeting new people with a passion for life and paper crafting!!!!! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Thanks for sharing your photo technique...will certainly be giving that a try! Also thanks for the super sweet and supportive comments on my blog! :)

Camille Petrocelli said...

Love the layout!
Enjoyed looking through your blog.
You don't know me, but I work at the Paper Niche (haven't been there in about 8 months, due to health issues) and usually get my inspiration at home by looking through Leah's, Melissa's and Beatriz's blogs. (and now yours)
Maybe we'll meet someday, when I return to work (hopefully).

Anonymous said...