Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yep ladies , today I am 1 year older and yet not that much wiser than I was 1 year ago LOL
and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my pages is being shown RIGHT HERE. Huh? What? For real?
How did that happen? all started with this page


I got an email from the lovely and talented BETH. asking me if I would be interested in showing the ladies at VINTAGE PLUM how to create a layout with Ghesso, Glimmer Mist and Oil Pastels. Can you believe that I almost fell off my bed when I read that? I mean... I love my pages but never think that people will like them that much (it must be the insecure middle child syndrome in me) so when I was done pinching myself I said "HELL YEAH!" So please go check it out if you can and as always THANK YOU for your sweet commentsm they so make my day. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.

BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tammy said...

Featured on Vintage Plum!!!! OMG!!!! Girlfriend! Both of us are having good weeks ;)Your project turned out ABSOLUTELY fabulous! You rocked it girly! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!:)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Happy, happy birthday! And a big CONGRATS on your feature spot on Vintage Plum! And let go of the insecure middle child...your work is AWESOME!

Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday to you.... May this day be filled with much Happiness!!! I have one coming up on the 13th!!! Congrats to you on VP and I just adore Beth!!!!!! I love the LO!!!!!

Euphoria said...

you are one talented lady! Love your blog and that tutorial at Vintage Plum- I'll be back for sure!

Have a great Birthday!

Damaris said...

Happy Birthday and COngrats on Vintage Plum...WHoo is awesome when others recognize our talents.'s insecurities.. you are one talented chick!!!!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day today, and concratulations on the Vintage plum stuff. Gotta love it!

Beth Perry said...

You must have that middle child syndrome...b/c you are one wicked talented chica! ;P
Loving this latest too.
I hope you are having a great birthday weekend and Mother's Day! ;D

iris said...

wow wow wow!! Your technique is amazing!! BTW, love the look of your blog:)

Beth Perry said...

Well, I did it...I went and got some gesso. I played with it last night. It didn't turn out very well, but I guess that is what happens on the first couple of go arounds, uh? lol
I will still add to it tonight and see what I can come up with.
It WAS HELLA FUN, though! :D
Thanks for the inspiration!

Maureen said...

Yes! This was so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! This will be a new venture for me and hopefully I will have the chance in the next week or so! And belated Happy Birthday my dear!


Anonymous said...