Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Blogaversary!

Happy Blogaversary to me!
I can not believe that I started blogging 1 year ago today.
It all started because I wanted to do THIS CHALLENGE and it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. I have met so many talented ladies, ladies that never in a million years would our paths have crossed had it not been for this hobby, such as THIS SASSY CHICK, she was the second person to make a comment on my first post and has become my friend, who would have known, nor would I have ever tried out for the DT at The Paper Niche where I met THIS TALENTED LADY. who is teaching little by little how to work with this crazy blog and who puts together such beautiful kits or FUNKY BP. who thought my GESSO stuff was cool enough to get a spotlight on VP and so many others but none of this would have happened without MY GURU LA VERNE she always told me to think outside the box and told me NOT to be scared and start blogging.

So in honor of my Blogaversary, I have a wonderful giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paper Niche

Paper Niche

Yep! It is the JULY KIT AND ADD ON KIT FROM THE PAPER NICHE, I had such a great time playing with it that I want to share the joy : ) All you have to do is leave a message and I will pick a winner on Sunday, unfortunately I can not do International because they want to charge you an arm and a leg for the shipping, but if you want to pay for the shipping it's all good with me : )

I want to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies who always take a minute of your day to check out my crazies and are kind enough to always leave me loving, supporting messages.
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!


Sasha said...

Awwwwwwwww you are so sweet bookie wookie snookie pie .. I LOVE YOU TOO .. and Ima text you today on your phone and tell you Happy Blogga Day LOLOL ..

Girl I am so proud of you for stickin to it and realizing that you are talented for realz. I am lovin the give-away .. girl you are too generous and oh so kind. Hugs and know that I love ya. . . and ummm yah see ya soon on the other side of the tracks .. I need to so get my ass to Florida ..

Love ya

Jiggy Jen said...

Happy Happy to you!!!!!!! It is so amazing that you have already been on this blog thing for a year, that means that my anniversary is like a few days after yours....hmmmm..wonder which date--- thanks for making me blog :)
you are a great person with incredible talent and you always seem to inspire me to also think outside the box..You rock!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Well Happy Blogaversary! Hard to believe how fast time flies sometimes. And girl, the best thing you could have ever done was to start least where we are concerned. You are such an inspiration!!! Love your techniques and artistic way with all things scrappy! Of course, I'm hoping you know by now that I am a super BIG fan of yours! LOL! And what an incredible give away!!! Who wouldn't love to latch onto those goodies! Have yourself a fantastic day! :)

Jocelyn said...

Happy Blogaversary!!!! How great is that and what an awesome giveaway!!!! Thanks for your wonderful and supportive is such a comfort to me at this time of total turmoil!!!!! I just adore your style and am so glad that we have found one another...You are truly an inspiration!!! Have a great day!!! :)

leah said...

Happy, happy, girl!! I'm so glad to have met you, too!! Glad you got everything to work with the photos!

And we have to set something up for the blogness - I'll get seriously up and running. :D

Damaris said...

Happy BLOG Anniversary to you. It's great to look back and see the journey this electronic journal has taken you on. Who would have thought that such a simple little blog could connect amazing, talented?!!! I am so glad you created your blog. I love coming here and seeing YOUR FUNKY, fun STYLE. You inspire me creatively as you show me how you interpret your vision on paper as you document your families history.

Gine said...

Happy blogaversity girl
I LoVe your work and love peaking in to your blog here
also thanks for all the sweet comments you have left me on my blog =)

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Time sure does fly, huh? I'm trying to get back to blogging and catching up with everyone's blog, but gosh it's been crazy around here. Now my husband got his nose allergy thing again! Can you believe it? I can't get a break! I haven't scrapped in months :( I bet with all the new products coming out everything I have is obsolete now lol. I hope to get back to it soon so I can update with nice pictures. Thank you for your comments on facebook and my blog, and congratulations again!

Peggy said...

Happy blogaversary!!!!!! You know by now I'm totally happy you decided to start blogging, I would miss you like hell if you ever stopped! Thanks so much for sharing your life stories and your beautiful work here.
Count me out of the giveaway, I live much toooooo far, and I'm sorry to say I know all about the huge shipping rates *sigh*. Love you anyway LOL!

xxx Peggy

~Sasha Farina~ said...

happy blog birthday sweetheart. I'm so glad you started this blog.. so so glad. i wouldn't have known you otherwise.

Maureen said...

Oh wow! Happy Blogoversary to you!!! Yes, your work is amazing and I'm so glad to have crossed paths with you! Yay!!! I will have to check out the kits! What yumminess!

Peggy said...

Hey Maryangella, I tagged you, check out my blog! I hope you'll play along.
xxx Peggy

Euphoria said...

WOW- great giveaways you got here!!! WOO HOO!

HAPPY Blogaversary!!! :o)

TamRod said...

Happy bloggerversary!

Ady said...

Happy Anniversary... Those layouts are amazing and that is a kit that keeps on giving. I can't wait to meet you IRL at the retreat.

Beth Perry said...

awww baby!! I love that I am 'FUNKY BP'!!! hehee
Happy Blogaversary!!!! You are so cool and so sweet and so beautiful (inside and out). I don't even remember HOW we found each other...but, I am glad we did!!
Have fun tonight!! You know I am STILL jealous of your class you are going too! :P
I want to see pics or I will be mad at you! And I want to learn what you get taught! You hear me! hahah (I'm not demanding at all, am I?) :D