Saturday, February 7, 2009

2 things

YEP! It's that time again at NOEL MIGNON. Join them on Feb. 11'th through the 13'th . They have make and takes, challenges, games and the ladies there are lots of fun.
Now to something more serious, yesterday our Soli (2 yrs) was on her art table with AJ (5 yrs) having a little lollipop as is was relaxing on the couch after a crazy day, a little voice in me made me look in her direction and what I saw is something a mother never wants to see. Sol was choking on the lollipop, she was staring at me and pointing at her throat, I ran to her but did not panic, I remembered that my husband taught me what to do on several occasions (he teaches CPR to deputies 1 or twice a week) so I picked her up, her head was down and legs in the air and whacked her in the back twice before I was going to run next door to my in laws for help, my sister in law was next door and is a pediatric nurse. Well after the second hit to the back I heard the lollipop his the floor and she started to cry. I fell on my knees and thank the Lord for this miracle. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take a CPR class and keep it fresh in your mind because you never know what can happen. Funny thing is that as soon as my hell had ended my husband walked in and AJ told him what happened, he looked at me and said "Sexy, I am so proud of you" and he high fived me LOL he is a very calm person and can keep his cool. I SO got rid of the huge bag of lollipops. So please, take a CPR class, it can change your life.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Sharon said...

Wow! I bet you were relieved once that thing hit the floor! You should be proud of yourself. So glad our little girl is ok! Hugs!

Damaris said...

Oh girl...That is so scary. I am so glad she is ok and so proud of you that you were able to save your baby. You are an awesome mom!!! I am going to refresh my training as it has been quite some timefor me. Although my babies are big, I am always surrounded by little ones!!!! Thanks for reminding me.

laverneboese said...

Way to keep calm mama. I've had to do that for Alexander and then a little girl in my class who choked on an apple last year. That same week, Susan Bushnell's mom was choking at Scrapbook Central. Susan and I took turns trying to get that food out of her throat, as it can be very exhausting. My mom choked when we were visiting her a few years ago. She should have been by herself that day. Christopher was still a baby. I laid him on the floor, told Alexander to watch some cartoons, while I worked on getting that food out of her throat. I told myself that my mom was not going to die in front of my babies. I started taking infant, child, and adult CPR and first aid when my oldest son was born. Thank god. I've had to use it several times.