Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sad news

My dearest friend Jiggy Jen. went in today to have a lump removed from her breast,
it was an outpatient procedure and she was told a while back that it was nothing.
An hour ago I received a text message from her saying the news is NOT good and if I want to know anything to call her mom because she can not talk. Her mom told me that they were told it is cancer. They do not know what they are dealing with but she will need another surgery and they will know more on Friday. This is not only my dear friend but my scrapping partner and a wife but most important a phenomenal mother. My heart is so heavy right now but I believe in the power of a prayer and the fact that positive vibes are important. So please say a prayer for my dear friend. I know she will be ok because she is a strong & positive person.

This is what you get 24/7 when you are around her, nothing but pure energy!

Please stop by her blog and leave her a positive message.
Thank you :)


Sharon said...

I'm so sorry. I'll put it on my prayer list for sure. God bless, and I hope that Friday brings better news.

laverneboese said...

Keep me posted. I've been thinking about her and wondered how it went. We talked about it the last time I saw her...she was so silly, telling me she couldn't make it to my class because of it. Let her know that I'm praying for her and please, please, please keep me posted. You know I'm praying for you too...hugs my friend. Be strong for her.

Elizabeth said...

I will definitely keep your friend in my thoughts!! As long as she a fabulous support system, I believe she'll be just fine!! I'm send ((hugs)) from Ohio!!
Hopefully Friday we will hear good news!!

Sasha said...

Girl I left some prayer for her .. I am so sad right now, man this is just sad. I have you in my prayers too my friend.