Monday, November 3, 2008

A little bit of this

And a little bit of that!

Happy Monday ladies, please be warned that this might be a long post full of just about everything.

Ok, so last night I could not fall asleep but then again what else is new so I decided to scrap and stalk my girl La Verne. to scrap lift this frame she did a while back and this is what I did.


It has taken me a long time to gather up the nerve to do this frame and I am happy I finally did it.

So this morning Hurricane Sol woke up in a bad mood and I ran out of my Dunkin Donut ground coffee so that meant no coffee for me and I was going to have a bad day too until Sol and I got to the office and saw this


Elizabeth. sent this to me. Now let me share that I have never met her in person but I have had the pleasure of knowing her through our blogs and I can not get over her kind act. And to make it better she made a little card with some kind words and placed 3 M&M bags but Sol got to 1 before I took the picture ;D So needles to say I was like a pig in poop for the rest of the day.

So here are 2 layouts that I did this weekend at Scrapbooks & Stuff. I have to say that we had a blast. They had a scavenger hunt that got my blood pressure high and acting a fool but darn it was it fun even though we lost.



Halloween was a blast as always. Angejolie screamed to every person giving out candy "DO NOT give my sister anything with peanuts, she is allergic" Solimar refused to wear a costume, I tried 3 costumes but nope, so she agreed to wear a Dora dress but refused to wear her black shoes, ladies she wore brown shoes. I swear to you I can not win. But all in all we had a great time.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks for reading :)


Sasha said...

Ooooh I love those layouts, and that is a nice happy mail gift. Girl you need to subit those October layouts to Scrapbooks Etc they are looking for Hallpween Layouts..

smooches boo

laverneboese said...

I see my girl Sasha beat me! Okay, repeat after me..."No, I'm not copying your stuff, I'm making it better"...Your frame is BEAUTIFUL!!!!...just beautiful!