Saturday, November 1, 2008

Challenge #33

This weeks challenge at THE DESIGN X. was to do a layout about the now, the moment and I snapped the perfect picture, perfect to me that is. It's a picture of our girls and their cousins which are also our cool is that? They were having such a great time carving that pumpkin. They are so not aware that the economy SUCKS at this time, nor do they care where we live, all they care about are the simple things in life such as this moment.


And I figured I would do another layout of capturing the moment, this is us at night right before bed time. The girls were having such a blast jumping on Daddy that I had to get in on the fun.


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend because so far I am having a great one.
I just came back from a 12 hour crop that I went to with my sister in law and my bud Jiggy Jen. Have a great night!


Sharon said...

I love the rugged edges of your layouts. How do you do that? What do you use?
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Sharon said...

You are too cute, but you don't have to do that girl. I've never been to Scrapbook Central but I really want to go. I don't think is too far from my house (Plantation), but I tried finding it before and had a hard time. They then told me it was on the second story of an office building. So this can be my inspiration to go back and search out there until I find the store LOL. Thank you so much for the offer though. You are too sweet! I'll let you know what happens:)

Sasha said...

Girl yah you rocked it out .. loved it .. and oh yah I got bloglines now .. yayy I MADE TIME .. and added ya boo bear hope ya dont mind..

Elizabeth said...

I love your new LOs..your journaling on the first one is so true!! Kids don't care...they just wanna have fun!!

Your stamp is in the mail..I caught a cold earlier last week and didn't get to the post office. But keep your eye on the mail. :)

Sharon said...

I Know, I know, but I found the problem. We're supposed to download a copy of our old template to our computer first and then do what we want, so if by chance, when you start making the changes you loose some stuff, you'll have a back up with all the info. It took me some time to get it, but it was worth it. In creating keepsakes magazine I found this page You can get backgrounds for free for your blog there and if you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS they give you you should have no problem at all if you at least want a nice background without doing too much on your computer. If you have any questions or need some help e mail me at Bye bye!