Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HSM 3 loaded with pics

Well this past Friday we took the girls out on a Mommy and Daughter date to see HSM3there was 1 dad (my brother in law) I think it cute that he wanted to see the movie with Hallie, my husband had the pleasure of staying home with Hurricane Sol that was still running that infamous fever.


So before we left Angejolie decided she was going to model for me...


...and when ever she does something, so does her little shadow, sick or not!


These 2 were SO SO excited to get there already but the flipping Miami afternoon traffic was not looking too good but we made it.


OK! How cute are these 2 walking into the movie theater?


And here is a layout that I did with the bonus sketch at INSPIRED BLUEPRINTS.


by the way, can anyone tell me why I can no longer pick a color to post with in this stupid blogger? It is gone and I miss my purple :(

Have a great day, we will because believe it or not it is 60 something degrees outside, I am so happy!


Damaris said...

GIrl...YOU have been busy. I just caught up on all your past post. I have been working like crazy getting ready for Croptoberfest this coming Saturday. (We have a 24 hour crop) By the way, do you want me to mail you your RAK? It seems that I am never going to see you! LOL.

Elizabeth said...

looks like you all had fun at the movie too!! That LO is so much fun!!

I can't believe you baby is still sick!! I know she'll be better soon!!

Oh I'll take your 60 degrees and give you snow...we had snow today, even though it did stick.


iris said...

oh your girls are so pretty! Well they take after you. Love the layout you made too. the doodled look is perfect for the theme.