Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sketch #2

Happy Tuesday ladies.
So Inspired Blue Prints has their 2'nd sketch up and I am loving it.
I used Angejolie's 3 year old walk around the sun picture and this year's 5 year old walk around the sun picture. I can not belive how much my little girl has grown "snif snif"


Photobucket Photobucket


Here is my other little Princess, she thought it would be cute to jump in front of the camera and strike a pose ;D
You should go check Inspired Blue Prints it is amazing how much inspiration you can get from just 1 sketch.

Have a great Wednesday :)


heyhoewarren said...

Great interpretation of the sketch! Love the ruler along the bottom with her age highlighted - looks fab! Cheers, Lisa (IB DT)

Sharon said...

Looks wonderful. I love what you did to the edge of the paper. Beautiful!

KimA said...

This is a beautiful layout... thanks so much for coming and playing with us!
Kim (IB DT)

Elizabeth said...

It's crazy how fast girls grow up!! That LO is super cute!!

Here's my email.


I don't know why I'm not getting any of your emails. Crazy blogger!!

Sasha said...

Did I get that out good enough, OMG this is just simply fabulous girl .. WOW