Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 2

Of Solimar having a fever that we can NOT brake.
So basically what I have been doing these past 2 days is
taking care of my poor little baby. Tylenol every 4 hours and
Motrin every 6 hours and oh! yeah! Cy-Phen for the cough that if
not taken care of right away will turn into asthma attacks which
is every 12 hours. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
What I would do to have Hurricane Sol back instead of this helpless
little girl


So needles to say I have had a little monkey on my back, but darn it
is she a cute monkey or what?
Photobucket I know! I know! Crappy picture but you get the point.

Now this is what I looked like when I picked up Angejolie from school

Photobucket I have no shame in saying that I had to borrow one of her hats since I was not able to flat iron the hair and it was wild!!! Her
teachers must have thought I lost my ever loving mind with that look ;D

Ok, so enough with the pity party, here is a little layout I did.


This is my favorite picture of Angejolie when she was little. I still remember
that day as if it were yesterday. We took her to New Port Beach which I have been
going to since I was 13... we all know that is a loooooong time ago LOL
I remember her just sitting there quietly, enjoying the sun, sand and sound of the ocean and playing with the sand. Gosh! I get so sad when I think of how fast time
is passing.

Well that's it for now, the tribe is sleeping and I am off for some therapy,
yep! scrapbooking is my therapy, my alcohol, my chocolate, you get the point.
Have a great night!


Sharon said...

I'm so sorry your baby is sick. Hope she gets better soon. I love that layout and your pic too!

Greta Adams said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that layout..that is amazing...and hey your hip with the hat on....i would have rocked it too...what the heck...LOL