Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Baby is 5

Prepare for a LOOOOOONG post ;D

Our Baby Girl Angejolie turned 5 yesterday.
Her day started with a walk around the sun at her school.
The Bday girl holds the earth as she walks around the sun which has
the 12 months on it and as she does 1 full turn her teacher asks facts
about her 1'st year of life and so on until she reaches her new age.

And life would NOT be complete without Hurricane Solimar sticking her tongue
out at someone LOL?

This year for the first time Roger was not able to make it to Angejolie's walk around
the sun because he got stuck at work which broke his heart but my Bestest Friend Cathy
(I know Bestest is NOT a real word) was so kind to come to school with us to help out
and also take some pictures. Here we are finishing lunch...and AJ reminding everyone
that she is finally 5 years old!

After school we cut a cake for AJ with just her cousins, let me remind you that I and my 3 sisters in law got pregnant weeks or 6 months apart both times. My husband's parents went from having 0 grand kids to having 9 grand kids in I think 4 years or less LOL, here are the crazy kids

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

And here is my FAVE picture of the day, right before bed I made everyone jump on our bed to get our family picture

I can NOT believe my Baby is 5, next thing you know she will be 15 and asking for a car :-(
but I have to say that life is great, I have a BEAUTIFUL family that my husband and I created and a WONDERFUL husband so no matter what this flipping crazy @$$ economy throws
our way... as long as we have each other, we will be ok.
Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I will post the layout of my FAVE picture that I made today.
Have a great night!


Jiggy Jen said...

What a GREAT day~~~~ CaN'T believe she is 5 already!

Sharon said...

It looked like a fun day. I'm glad you enjoyed it and managed to make a layout about it so quickly. My congratulations to you speedy Gonzalez :)

Carmen said...

What a great, upbeat post. My little guy is 5 and I sure wish I knew where the time has gone. :)

Have a great day.



Damaris said...

Happy birthday to your baby girl!!! Wishing her lots of joy, health and happiness on her day!!