Thursday, October 23, 2008

So you think you can...

Is the challenge at The Story Matters
My take of it was that you should scrap about something you think you can do and use the title from a reality show.

Well Solimar woke up one morning and decided she was going to wear Angejolie's HSM shirt and then out of nowhere said "Mamma! Look at me" and started modeling, so I used the show Make Me A Super Model for the title.




Ok, now let me share that I got 2 tickets for HSM 3 for Angejolie and myself, do you know that it will make me the coolest Mom in her eyes? That's right, I even got her the shirt


Daddy will be staying home with Hurricane Solimar who is still sick as all heck and I will get to spend a fun night with Angejolie and of course her partner in crime Hallie who happens to be her cousin and my sister in law will be joining us. I am so excited!!!!!

Ok ladies, have a great night, tomorrow is Friday which is pay day for lots of people which means treat yourselves to something nice, bump this crappy economy and enjoy the day because we can not take the money with us when we go ;D


Jiggy Jen said...

This is BY FAR MY FAVPRITE LO that you have done... SHe is soooo adorable!!!!!

Sophia said...

This is just so adorable!!! Wow! Thanks for playing with us at The Story Matters!! =)

~ AM said...

What a cutie she is! Fun layout! :)

Penny Smith said...

OK, this SO made me smile!! TOO cute!!

Thanks for playin'!!