Friday, October 24, 2008

Challenge #32

This challenge was pretty interesting if I may say.
But leave it to The Design X. to come up with this cool challenge.




I think this is the first time I have done a layout that was all about journalling but I could not go without putting a picture, so I put this little family picture of us. I look forward to reading this letter in 2013 and seeing if what I hope for was accomplished, did I mention that 13 is my lucky number? We got married on Friday the 13'th my husband was born on the 31'st swap the numbers and you got 13. Well you get my point. You should really do this challenge, you will be glad you did.

Have a wonderful weekend ;D


Sasha said...

beautiful .. LOVE IT sure to check my blog on Sunday .. you been tagged..

Dena said...

CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! That is my little round of applause for you and your layout! I am so glad that you enjoyed the challenge and really made the most of it. Your layout turned out beautiful!

laverneboese said...

Hey woman!!!! ha, you know I've been silently stalking you!!!! man, my life has turned me into a speed-reading silent blog sucks. Okay, I'm loving your work, as always. And man, oh man, I just LOVE ME SOME PRINCE!!!!!! Thanks for tagging me. When I have a sec, I'll play too!