Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a week!

Get ready for a long post

So this is what I was doing the night that Obama won, my dear husband was working, 38 Halloween layouts for Angejolie's class, call me crazy but I know what it is to have a mom that was never able to come to school events because she had to work, so I took a picture of every kid in her class to make a layout. I have been blessed with a boss who lets me come in to work when ever I can with Soli mind you. Wether I work 1 hour or 4 hours, she is ok with it because she knows how important my girls are to me.

While history was being made, this is what our girls were doing

Please be advised that our girls have beautiful matching jammies but they chose to wear what ever the hell they want at night, and I know what battles to pick ladies and this one is not one ;)

Hubs made on time for this


On Wednesday I got the bad news that my Girl Jiggen has invasive breast cancer but I am glad to say that I finally spoke with her yesterday and she is in good spirit. She has her sad moments but it is to be expected, she is human. Her strength and positive attitude amazes me, when we talked she was the same girl I had talked to Wednesday morning before her surgery. She at no time wanted pity from me, we talked about cropping together this weekend for her 30'th birthday, nothing like playing with papers and tape to brighten the mood.

OK! So by now most of you know how I love my Sundays... well leave it to my weekend warrior husband to ruin it for me. Boy! He is lucky I love him because I could have choked him. He decided to go trail riding at Oleta part and claims a tree jumped out of nowhere and a branch took out a small chunk of his inner ear. So needless to say we spent 3 hours in the emergency room.

Soli took this picture of me with the help of Daddy, how happy do I look ;)


I will not lie, I left once to get some coffee from Dunkin Donuts and a second time to go to Michaels, yep ladies, a scrapping fanatic will always find a scrapbook store or craft store no matter where she is LOL.

as we were leaving to Michaels, Soli got to see her first squirrel up close, it was such a cute moment, she was like "skwell go tree?"

Oh yeah! We also watched the entire Dolphin's game, so glad they won, that was close

So after 3 hours, here's my poor husband, he got shots, stitches but such a hug and kiss from Soli
All she could say was "Daddy ayayayyy ear"


So! There it goes, that is how I ended my week. I hope tomorrow is good to me because I do NOT like Monday LOL. Have a wonderful week ladies and thanks for reading. By the way, you are not seeing wrong, Sol has a different outfit on, she spilled water all over her pants so I had to change her :D :D


laverneboese said...

Of course you had a spare outfit!!!! You are too much! I'm glad you had the chance to talk to Jenn. She's a fighter. In my heart I know she'll be fine. So what are the details about her birthday crop? Okay, about your husband...I know you just wanted to kick him in the head, but I'm glad you opted to take care of him instead :)

Jiggy Jen said...

30?????? Girl I am going to be 29!!!!!!Stop adding the years and don't HATE....LOL
Still a spring Chicken..And I am a fighter because of the Puerto Rican in me...Watchout!!!!

Damaris said...

Oh girl, I can tell you were not a happy camper..he,heee,he!! I remember those days...having to go out with several outfits..just in babies are big now. How time flies. You crack me up...that dunkin and Michael drive throught...he,hee!!! I hope you found something delish!

iris said...

Your post did not seem long at all because it was so fun to read! You have a wonderful family and beautiful memories too. You are so blessed:)

Elizabeth said...

Wow you had a busy weekend! I hope your hubby's ear will be okay. :)

It's very sweet of you to make LOs for your baby girl's class!! I know many of the moms will love that!!

Have a great week!!