Thursday, July 31, 2008

Calgon take me away!

My Super Man hubby went to work today with his 2 bottles of pain killers which by the way had him sleepy most of the day... I told him he should stay home but did he listen? NO! Needless to say the poor guy has been sleeping since he got home and I was stuck dealing with this...


Yep! Sol was having a moment and I had no hubby to back me up, however Angejolie decided she was gonna try to talk to her and calm her down. Guess what... it freaking worked! Go figure. And here is the proof


Ladies, I kid you not, I ALWAYS have my camera with me ;D because you never know when you are going to need the evidence you are going to have to throw in their face once they have their own kids LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a page I did in between the chaos


Nothing to brag about but darn it! I did a page. I think 1 month ago I said my goal was to do at least 3 pages a week, so far I have been making 1 page a day and I am scared to stop. Well ladies I will pray to God for a tantrum free day tomorrow. Please do not get me wrong Solimar is a great kid but man does she have a temper. Wonder where she gets it from ;D

Until the next time, have a great night.

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