Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Here is how my day started...
Yes! Angejolie had her SOCIA Hallie sleep over and they somehow ended up in our bed, notice how they formed the letter H? Well by then I decided it was time for me to get out of the bed since I was about to fall off and decided to go make some coffee.
Note to self, lock the door when there is a sleep over ;D
Actually I am just kidding, I love having the girls around, they are the cutest thing in the morning, now the same can not be said in the afternoon.

After they got up Angejolie asked that I flat iron her hair because she wants beautiful straight hair like me. I think her curls are beautiful but I finally gave in today, here is what she and Hallie looked like when I was done
Photobucket Photobucket
Where has the time gone, my baby girl is growing up so fast : (
I told her not to get used to the straight hair thing because this was a special
1 time thing, what's next a cell??? Oh yeah! She already asked for one like 100 times and we said NO 100 times.
Wait, my day gets better, Sol decided to throw the tantrum of the year which lasted about 15 minutes (the worst one as of yet) and then my poor husband walked in barely able to walk.
He pulled his back at work. What else is the BIG man from up above going to throw my way?
Oh! I know........he is throwing the "no scrapping for you tonight because you have to take care of everyone" card. I know it could be worse, so let me stop bitching and moaning.

I finally journalled on my double LO of the girls from this weekend, hope you like it.


By the way, the reason I always include pictures is because I have family in Canada and this is a way they can see our kids... just in case you were wondering why you are stuck having to look at so many pictures ;D
Until the next time, make it a great day as my girl Eli always says.


Jiggy Jen said...

OMG....What a Big girl...Next is big hoop earings...Mommy let me borrow your credit card, then keys to the car...YIKES

TamRod said...

The straight hair looks good on both of them. I like her curls though, it adds to her diva status.