Sunday, July 27, 2008

The day after

Hello yall!
(And by that I mean all 3 of you who read this ;D)
What an awesome time we had last night.
I managed to do 6 layouts, that's because I decided I was going to paint, distress, stamp, ink etc etc....... hey there were no kids around so I did not have to rush to do a layout. Tamrod on the other hand did 14 layouts, I think she had little elf's under her table helping her LOL and Amanda did 8, she was like a mad woman. I realized something last night, first and foremost we are mothers and wives and we will do anything for our families but we also need to do a little something for ourselves if not we end up losing ourselves . So I am extremely thankful to my husband for taking care of our girls after a hard day at work yesterday.

Alright there, enough with my rambling, here are 2 of the layouts, I still have to journal on the other ones. I am not strong on journaling so I tend to leave it 'till the end. I am however working on getting better at it.

This first one is of myself and La Verne at a TIM HOLTZ class on 06/01/08 at Scrapbook Central, she as you know is my scrapbooking idol, I met her this year at SC and she has pushed me to think outside the box and always has such great things to say about my work, even when I think it kind it blows.


This paper is from an April Studio Calico kit that she introduced me to back then, here's a secret... that little deer creeps her out!

And of course I had to do a beach layout, come on................ we live in South Florida and YES!!! We love the beach.


This darn layout took for over, I tried 2 other different styles and after painting papers placing pictures in every which way, I decided on this one. The pictures tell the my story but I am going to journal on the back.

Hope you like them and until the next time, take care of yourselves.


TamRod said...

You have to post the Tim LO! I had so much fun and I wish we could do that every other day!

Jiggy Jen said...

Hey its me!!!! LOVE the new BLog...COme check mine out!!!!

laverneboese said...

Okay, this post left me speechless and honestly, made me a little teary-eyed. First of all, your layouts can really work that deer paper--and yes, I am terrified of that deer. I got that new Sassafras line for you, I hope you know :) Anyway, I am truly honored that you did that layout of us--and the journaling was so touching. I think you think waaaaay too much of me--I'm really not that good. Now you, on the other hand, Miss thang---YOU REALLY NEED TO START SUBMITTING YOUR STUFF! Get it out there girly! Now I have a favor to ask...could you please do a layout of me FINDING MY is soooo hiding from me right now :( Hugs girly, you have truly made my day!