Monday, July 28, 2008

Yet another beautiful day

Let me start this blog thing by saying how beautiful a day today was.
How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful state.
Today my sister in law and I took the kids to the beach,
the day could not have been better, the sun was at it's best, the ocean was somewhat calm
and we went to my favorite beach, Newport beach, I have been going there
since I was 13 years old, that's a loooooooong time.
I got my beautiful Angejolie to finally go in the water without Daddy
and Solimar discovered that she loves the boogy board. Oh yeah! I got daring and
wore my 2 piece itsy bitsy tiny bikini........ the place is packed with my fellow
Canadians so no harm done ;D Here are some pictures



This is one of my favorite pictures ever, Sol just decided to come lay on me,
she thought I was her personal beach chair

This is my other favorite picture ever, I rarely get pictures with our girls since
I am the one that always takes the pictures. How precious are these two girls?

And now to my Tim Holtz layout I did this past Saturday, by the time I was done with it
my fingers were black/purple/red, put it this way... they were a freaking mess but oh so worth it.


Oh yeah, my "ME" layout did not win but I am still proud that I entered the contest, to be honest every LO was beautiful and the winner's LO was just as beautiful, I am going to
enter their next challenge just because I liked their challenge. You should check them
out and give it a try, just go to

Well off to get things ready for tomorrow, we are gong to the movies, LORD give me the
patience I will need to get through that movie with Solimar ;D
Until the next time, take care and enjoy the last few days of summer vacation.

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