Thursday, July 24, 2008

The word of the day "NO"

Hello again ; )

Let me share with the 3 people that read my blog how my day started.
It started with my little one saying NO!
Everything was NO! I swear I think she gets paid royalties for using that word.
I needed to use the phone and guess who had them both?
Yep! You guessed right, Solimar.
Here is a picture I took as I was asking for the phone and she was saying NO!
Can she hold on to the phones any harder???????


And just in case you are wondering, yes I always have my camera with me, I sometimes even sleep next to it J/K. I guess I am obsessed with taking pictures of our girls since I actually have 3 pictures of myself as a child and I do not want the same to happen to our girls.

Ok, enough about my troubles.
Here is a layout I did last night with the left over papers from my "ME" layout.
I found this picture of me and my beautiful Angejolie while I was pregnant with Solimar.
And yes! I was huuuuuuuuge! LOL


I hope you like it, until the next time.

1 comment:

iris said...

OMG your two girls are so precious!! I love that picture of Shalimar holding on to the phones!! so cute!! Loved your layout too. That is one very very special and beautiful page.