Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sketch 102

It seems like for ever since I last posted something :-O

Ever since Wednesday night I have been feeling dizzy, a lot pf pressure in the eyes,
freaking head aches from hell and more dizzynes. It's like a bad college hang over minus
the alcohol. So because of that my weekend with my partner in crime did not get so daring.
How ever my cousin and I made the best of it and we will make up for it on our next trip to Lakeland this coming October ;D

So here is a layout that I did using the Sketch 102 layout from http://www.pencillines.com/


I had so much fun doing it, my head was killing me as well as my eyes but there are few things I can not live without, that is seeing our girls & husband and scrapbooking. No matter how bad things get they make it better and so that scrapping. Well that is all I have for now. I hope your week is going great.


domestic goddess said...

love your layout, thanks for playing at Pencil Lines. Don't forget to email to the gallery

Damaris said...

Hey girl...I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. What's up with that?!!! How strange that you have to go to Sharon's blog to get my current post? Do you have me saved under a specific post as opposed to the blog address? I have no clue. Anyway, I hope to see you soon, so I can give you your RAK. I will be here all day Friday and Saturday...so COME ON DOWN!!!LOL

~ AM said...

Love your take on the sketch! I have mine halfway done, hope to complete it soon. ;)

Sharon said...

I hope you feel better soon. I've been having terrible headaches myself, and yes, they are no fun.