Friday, September 5, 2008


Not only do we need to deal with Hurricane Ike but
my beloved lap top has died. I just got her 16 months ago and she is DEAD!
I keep looking to the right side of my bed where she sits every night waiting for me to blog and stalk blogs once the girls are sleeping and she is not there.
I have to take her in tomorrow to see what they can do.
If they give me some crazy @$$ amount I will bat my eye lashes and see if my husband agrees to replace her with an Apple lap top.
As for now, I am stuck using the family computer that is NOT by my bed and it sucks!!!!!!!
I know! Enough with the whining there is a bad @$$ hurricane on it's way and a stupid lap top should be the least of my worries. Have a great night and stay safe.


Sharon said...

Oh Gosh, it's so terrible you have to go through that all by yourself! I would have a nervous breakdown if i had to do it on my own. Lets pray so that hurricane turns away from us!

leah said...

Ooo. Sorry about that. :(

Also wanted to let you know that the frames are pulled for my class that I'll be using them for... we're also planning to order more. ;) So there's still hope!