Monday, September 8, 2008

Mi Socia

Chello Ladies!
What a great day today is.
We did not get hit by Hurricane Ike but my prayers do go out to those in Cuba and Haiti because they got a serious beating. I still have 2 step brothers that live in Cuba and we have not heard from them. I hope my mom gets an email from them soon.

This past January I decided to somewhat go GREEN because Angejolie was bugging me about it every day. He teachers said that she is best recycler if that is how you spell it in her class. And if you think about it, this earth does NOT belong to us and once we are gone our kids and grand kids will still be here. So I am proud to say I have NOT used a plastic bag since January 1'st, 2008, nor a cup from Dunkin Donuts because I have my own mug and the funny thing is, the ladies know me by THE MUG GIRL. So because of that, I have also decided to use up all my scraps and that is where this layout comes in


I found these left over papers with many others in a box, this layout is of me and my Socia, that is what I call my cousin. She is my partner in crime when we get together. She is the one that brings out the child in me, the one that will dare me to do things and the one that will cut 11 inches of my hair without thinking twice about it. My cousin is the sister I never had. And I thank God we reconnected last year.

Here are 2 pictures of Angejolie, she asked us to buy her glasses yesterday so that she can see better, her eyes are just fine, she just likes the way she looks when she is wearing them. She asked that I take a picture of her with her glasses and then another of her with them on her head like I do.

Photobucket Photobucket

And I finally got a picture of Solimar's face when she lays on top of me, she gets this look of love and joy and excitement and this is what she does every morning as she say "ahhhhhhhhh MAMA aaaaaaaaah!"


I could not be more blessed, I have 2 beautiful little girls and a wonderful husband, what more can a girl want? OH! I know! The winning lotto number ;D

Anyhow ladies, sorry for all the blah blah blah, have a great night.


Sassy Sasha said...

Hey girl .. whew .. so glad you did not receive a direct hit from that hurricane .. man that is just like AAAACK! To think I wanna move my butt to Floriday .. hmm .. girl I am lovin on that LO .. so beautiful I need to learn to do that ..cuz umm you smokin it .. and that lil Diva with her glasses on is too adorable .. lol .. love it ..

Damaris said...

Love the layout. My friend Ady has been trying to get me to go GREEN for a while now...That is on the list of things to do...right along with the losing weight..(SERIOUSLY!!!) Your babies are beautiful...aren't girls fun? They are just little individuals with so much flair. Regarding that hurricane, I have several friends who have not been able to contact their loved ones in Cuba...we are simply praying. Have a great day!

Jiggy Jen said...

You are so funny!!! Love your socia's hair do , did she also cut it? And your little Missy Anje (which is what Sabrina Calls her) is getting more and more beautiful each time I see her.....Now the one that will be WILD is SOl....What a face...Trouble written all over that cutie!!! LOL