Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proud Mama

No layouts to post, no pictures to post.

Maybe it's because Angejolie is my love, my life and so much more that I am making such a big deal about this but today she amazed me 1 more time. I walked into the living and my husband tells me "check this out, look at what our Princess just did" I looked at the tv and saw a paused commercial for and Angejolie was at the computer, she had typed the address and was showing Daddy what life size sticker of Hannah Montana she wants us to get for her, now mind you she will be 5 next month. Then she went on to say "Mommy, I am taking tomorrow off from school so that I can go to work to make money so that we can buy this." I told her that she needs to go to school to get an education and to leave the money thing to us. He they walked away to go to sleep my husband told me to buiy it for her because she went through the troubleof finding it herself online, only problem is that it's $99.99, I think it's a rip off but I kinda want to get it for her. What to do? What to do?

Anyhow, that is all I have for now, Have a great night ;)


Sharon said...

Awww she is so cute! Tough decision there... I can't believe they want to charge $99 dollars for that! Are they out of their mind?! I guess they know people will pay it considering the craze over Hanna Montana, but oh boy that's some expensive sticker I tell you. Honestly, if I were in the same position, I would really have to think hard about she going to see it and just be excited about it and then forget about it after five minutes, or is she the kind that treasures her stuff and takes care of it forever..I don't know really...five year olds have many wants...if you can't get it for her, just explain the reasons in detail and get her something less expensive that she wanted would a be a little trade off. She won't know the difference, but she will know that she got something special from you.
About my goodies I got them at an Etsy shop. I'll post the name in my blog later because right now I can't remember. Keep in touch!

Damaris said...

Oh dear, that is a tough one. I would put that one down on the Birthday or Christmas list..which ever is first. I love the way she took the initiative and found it herself..HELLO!!! I smell an amazing young lady of genius proportions!! Tell her to call my Jacqueline...she will give her shopping pointers...LOL I have to agree with Sharon, what on earth are these people thinking? $99.99!!!! Do you think if we took a picture of ourselves, got the wig, danced our tooshes off...Ok,OK,OK..I got a little carried away there. I understand the fascination. Girl, keep me posted on your decision!!