Saturday, September 13, 2008

The power of the internet

Hello ladies :0)

After yesterdays post I realized that the internet is one hell of a thing.
So many woman of different walks of lives, woman who may have never met let alone ever be friends had 1 thing in common, ALEIDA FRANKLIN. And we all felt the sadness and pain of her death.

I have always said, and my girl TAMROD is my witness, "I do NOT need any more friends, I am content with the 5 friends that I have" but through this scrapbooking addiction ;D I have met and continue to meet great woman through their blogs who share my same passion. Woman who not only inspire me but who also give me that little push to think outside the box.

SO THANK YOU to those of you who take that extra minute to post something nice on my blog, it means a lot to me. Who knows, maybe I am getting softer in my old age but I am really enjoying myself with scrapbooking these days.

Here is the layout of Angejolie from the day she was on




This crazy paper is by Lucky You, I got it at The Memory Market in Miami, I lost my ever loving mind with it as you can see. I painted, stamped use my new best friend the crop a dile, I also traced the letter F on a box, ripped off the top layer and painted it with black, as if that was NOT enough, I decided to doodle all over the place and distress the edges with my favorite Tim Holtz tool and add little stones.
Like I have said before, I march to the beat of my own drum and the picture is was dictates the style of the layout. Hope you like it, and if you don't... we live in America, land of the free where we can all have our own opinion ;D Have a great night. Sorry for the long post.


Damaris said...

Understand about Aleida. Gosh, it's just made me want to finish as much as my personal albums as I possibly can!!! It's made me think a lot about certain things. I tend to create for teaching purposes and therefore use my personal pics for those projects. I have decided to change the way I teach my classes...hmmmm...(or rather how I will be putting them together in the future)..will keep you posted. I love what you did. It's totally funky and I LOOOVE, LOOOOOOOVE that big, oversized, gaudy crown...hello..only a phenomenal diva could carry that off...I want one for my daughter!!!! LOL. Loved the layout girl. It's a "HAPPY ONE"!!!

Mariangeles M said...

Yesterday I was amazed with all I read... forums, bloggers,... everyone talking about Aleida {heart}

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave some comments. I especially like your advice for being a mom :-) I'm filling up my patience deposits so I can use it whenever the baby/babies come (I'm not still on it).

A big hug from Spain

Sassy Sasha said...

Yes it is just totally amazing how folks come together and or share that bond not just in scrapping but in blogging, funny I care more about my internet friends sometimes than I do my IRL ones .. lol ...

Girl I love the LO too too cute .. Ima lift ya hee hee

Elizabeth said...

I was surfing through blogs today and I just wanted to say...I love your LOs as well as your attitude. I believe we all march to our own drums...that's what makes us so special and unique. :) Have a great day!!

Sharon said...

I'm in love with that crown! Love it! It's Divalicious lol!