Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am a proud wife

Guess whose husband got picked for the "Stop domestic abuse" billboard with the Broward County Sheriff Office?


Photobucket Photobucket


YEP! My handsome husband.
I could not be prouder.
So if you live in Broward County and are driving and see that billboard, that's my husband ;D
I am SO sorry for being ghetto in regards to the way I covered the other deputies faces but I did not know if I could show their faces and since my husband is at work I figured I would play it safe.

See how there is a mom sitting on the floor?
Well that is how I feel almost every day with my tormentor Solimar ;-D
She is 1 year and 9 months and everything has to be her way or it's melt down time.
I really can NOT wait for the day to come when she is no longer doing it that because I am ready to go banana's. Do not get me wrong she is such a loving little girl but man she has a temper. Must be that Sagittarius in her LOL.

Anyhow ladies, thank the Lord tomorrow is Friday and I am off to pick up my BESTEST cousin and her kids from the airport. Let's see what she dares me to do this time.
Have a great night.


Sharon said...

That's so cool you're husband is a super star now! LOL, Now all joking aside, I'm glad he makes you so proud, it's really a tough job he has and I bet he loves all the support you give him. That's just great all around! Have a great weekend with your cousin :)
(love your getto cover up, ha!)

Damaris said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Him I know how amazing it is when we can celebrate our husbands accomplishments. Your are a such a great wife to make sure he sees your support and your enthusiasm. Now that little one is DELISH!!!! SHe is ALL THAT!!! LOVE

Jiggy Jen said...

LOVE IT...How cool is that...Now Angejolie is really going to think that her dad is a ROck Star..WHat a great LO... I am sure he loved it!!! You gotta tell me where the billboard is going to be so we can mess with Rog...LOL
Cuz is in town...WATCH out everyone...Another hurricane is about to go thru SW florida this weekend...LOL Have fun!