Thursday, August 21, 2008


Is how I feel today.

and this is why I have to drink this nasty stuff, I am a coffee person NOT tea let alone honey, how nasty but I need my throat to feel better since tomorrow is Friday ;D

My first day of school layout is stiiiiiiiiiiiiiil SCREAMING for my hands to show it some love (waaaah) i know, enough with the whining! I gotta go because Sol is sleeping and AJ just came in an said "mom, wanna do something with me? like scrapbooking?" How sweet is my Angel. Here she is on day 2 of school

What a DIVA ;D

OK so I'm back to add what AJ and I just did, as I mentioned before we are making a journal for her to scrap and note throught the school year, so here it is

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

I am so glad that we did it because she was beyond happy to get this alone time with me. And FYI that picture of me was taken by her with my beast of a camera, I have the Canon Rebel something something.... and that thing was as big as her head but she said "Mommy, I have to take picture of you with the layout because you were here to watch me, don't worry, I will be very careful, I got this" She is so grown.


TamRod said...

Lucky you! You won't even need to scrap this school year at all because she will have it done.

laverneboese said...

Oh I hope you feel better. I hear you on that tea...blah! I'm a coffee girl 100%. I love your little scrapper and you are definitely a good mama for letting her hold your camera...I don't even let my husband touch mine :)