Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Happy Days!!!

Thank the Lord today is Friday.
What a week............. But it could always be worse so let me stop whining ;D
Last night I washed rugs for Angejolie's class, which will go towards my volunteer hours. Every family has to do 20 hours throughout the school year. So I usually do the cutting of lessons as well as the gluing of papers etc. this washing thing was a first. So this morning I took the girls to school to give the rugs to her teachers since school starts on Wednesday and would you know that Ms Gabi was so surprised that they were already done, I only had 20 to do, anyhow, she was so happy to get them. Angejolie is in a Montessori school and they do their lessons on a rug.
Check her out

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After that we went to my FAVORITE scrapbook store. That's right ladies, Scrapbook Central
And I got my hands on a bunch of new papers, as IF I needed any more papers.

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My visit did not last long since Sol thought the place was her own running playground, and you know the rule "IF YOU BREAK IT, MAMA BUYS IT" so I got what I could and left.
Here is what I have done so far.


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I have come to accept the fact that no matter how hard I try, I will never be like my GURU Laverne, she is so freaking talented, check out her blog but I am pretty happy with my simple style, I guess that is what makes me, me. Have a great night. I am sneaking off again to Scrapbook Central, this time with my girl Tamrod.


laverneboese said...

You really need to stop making me blush!!! I love your latest layout, girly!!! I was at Scrapbook Central last night, picking up a few things for that tree. I see you picked up some yummy SEI! How did you pass on the Pink Paislee?! Their Pop Fashion Collection has your name all over it!!!! We are taking it to SDV (Orlando) on Tuesday and you know it's gonna sell out, so if you want it, better get it today!

TamRod said...

I love the scratching that you did on the pic. It looks flipping awesome!