Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today is a better day

I got my pictures back except for the ones of the papers that La Verne had sent me : (
Note to self..... never ever delete pictures from photobucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here is a layout I did of the day my husband hurt his back and we took him to the hospital


The page it a little busy but I love it and I just noticed it looks a little Christmasy : (
Oh well! The page is done and it's too late to change it LOL
I will blog again later, hopefully I will get another page done.


laverneboese said...

Ha! I knew you'd create a layout about that day!!! Look at you, bustin out with the Pink Paislee. Michelle ordered it as well. I'm not sure when it's coming in. But it looks like you could use the new stuff now. Love the layout! and those paper flowers...yummy! Hey, do you think I have any expectations with the Fancy Pants thing? If anything, I'm doing it to get used to the process...think about it...

Jiggy Jen said...

Love the spaghetti on the nightstand....This is a great Page!!! Now we need to do peg leg and broke back!!! lol

Kirsty said...

I like it! Not christmassy at all!Love th pic of your little one helping him put his socks on!!!

TamRod said...

I don't think it looks Christmassy. I am glad the trauma of photobucket is over. In the words of AJ, I will neva eva delete again!